Caribbean Studies Notes

 Essay about Caribbean Research Notes


• WHAT IS THE CARRIBBEAN Greenwood and Hamber (2003) defines the Caribbean while, " every one of the countries in and around the Caribbean sea that lie inside an area that stretches coming from Grand Bahama Island in the north to Curacao in the south and from France Guiana in the east to Belize in the West.

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia specifies the Caribbean as, " a region in the Americas comprising the Caribbean Sea, it is islands (most of which enclose the sea) and the encircling coasts. The region is located Southern region East of North America (United States and Canada), East of Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemela and Un Salvador) and also to the North and Western world of South usa (Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil)



Brown (2000) suggests the we consider the Caribbean from the geographical, historical plus the political viewpoints while Reid (2002) provides the cultural and ethnic perspectives.

EXACTLY WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN? Put simply, becoming a member of the Caribbean society does not merely mean that all of us live in one of many islands or perhaps territories, nevertheless that our people, our methods of life and our racial are explained by the various elements that have influenced the region.

• GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES The history in the Caribbean location is various and complex, it contains a wide variety of countries that in order to totally comprehend the diversity as well as some of the commonalities we need to have some understanding of the common geographical features. Common geographical features can be grouped under 4 distinctive titles. These include Topography, Climate, Gusts of wind and Currents and the Caribbean Sea.

• Topography


The most obvious feature of the Carribbean is that it is shaped in the form of an archipelago (some with the islands such as Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, the Caymans, Barbados are formed generally from coral reefs and they are known as the coral reefs islands, a definite feature which are White Sand Beaches.

One more distinct feature of a number of the Caribbean destinations are being a direct result of volcanic activity, for example areas such as regions of Haiti and Cuba will be known as scenic islands as they host black sand seashores. A very important point out note is that earthquakes and volcanic activity played a big part inside the regions history in terms of physical development, the truth is the Carribbean rests on the Caribbean Dish and tectonic movements lead heavily to land composition as well as scenic activity.


Islands just like Suriname, Guyana and France Guiana sponsor the distinguishing characteristic, peculiarity of limoneux coasts.

a few

Most of Cuba, Bahamas and Belize incorporate Limestone Base while countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Potentado have big mountain runs (mountainous). Finally, we have areas like the Guianas that are shaped from ancient rock.


• Weather Countries in the Caribbean experience mostly precisely what is called a warm climate.


• Winds and Currents The history from the Caribbean continues to be shaped by simply trade winds and currents. Trade wind gusts are caused by fresha ir from the North Polar Place blowing into the high pressure parts of the collar. These wind gusts would strike from north to southern region but as our planet rotates together with the east at the forefront, the winds are flipped as they near the equator towards west, or in other words toward the Caribbean. This helped travel inside the 15th century as sailors from The european union sailed South to the Canaries or so far as the Cape Verde Destinations to pick up the trade gusts of wind.


Marine Currents follow roughly the same direction since the gusts of wind. In the Ocean there are two which flow towards the Carribbean: the North Equatorial Current and the South Equatorial Current. The north current moves from east to western and is fulfilled by the To the south which pops up from the South-east along the coast of South America. On achieving the Lesser Antilles they incorporate to form a wide-ranging west...


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