Consumer Buying Behavior toward Washing Machines

 Consumer Buying Behavior toward Washing Machines Article




DRINK report submitted in partially fulfillment with the requirements for the PGDM Programme.

Simply by: Singh Mohit Arvind

Move No: 2011194


1) Mr. Amit Kumar

(Business Head, IFB Industries Ltd. )

2) Prof. L. Kamble

(Faculty, IMT Nagpur)

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur.



I want to express my own gratitude to all those who gave me a way to undertake and this summer project. I would like to give my special thanks to my mentors, Mr. Amit Kumar (Business Head-IFB Industries Ltd, Delhi) who have gave me a chance to work for IFB Industries Ltd. as a summer time intern as well as for giving us a lot of confidence through his words of wisdom and sharing of rich experiences. I am deeply indebted to my supervisor Prof. R. Kamble (Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur) in whose consistent direction, suggestions and encouragement helped me in completing this task.

This task has presented me with valuable observations into the functional aspects of the items of the brand IFB Home Appliances.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Mister. Saurabh (Senior Sales Executive-IFB, Gurgaon) for his useful inputs and guidance.

I hope that IFB Industries Ltd. and IMT Nagpur is benefited from the inferences, conclusions and recommendations made by me through this report.

Singh Mohit Arvind



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This project deals with the understanding of the different approaches of consumers while producing a buying decision of your Washing Machine whom fall into the same income group(approximately). Basically, it deals with the aspect that– " How come Consumers belonging to similar cash flow groups fluctuate in their choices for washing machines? ” This project was divided into two parts –

1) Survey of the specified location for gathering relevant data 2) Research of the accumulated data

The Review was executed in the Gurgaon region because it is emerging as being a market with huge potential in Delhi – NCR region. Survey was done mainly by making use of following strategies – 1) Filling a Questionnaire

2) Actions carried out in Residential Intricate

A Questionnaire was created to cover the main aspects that could affect the shopping for decision of your consumer and was used to gather data mainly from Household Colonies and Shopping Malls.

Your data collected was then examined using numerous methods – 1) SPSS Software

2) Perception Mapping

Data was collected from 2000 customers and tabulation was carried out on that data to derive benefits and attract inferences. The analysis displays the excessive correlation involving the consumer personal preferences and the elements viz. value, appearance, trustworthiness, add on features etc . In addition, it shows the effect depicting the value of four A's of Marketing.



Client behaviourВ is the study of when, for what reason, how, and where people do or perhaps do not acquire aВ product. It blends components fromВ psychology, В sociology, В social anthropologyВ andВ economics. It endeavors to understand the customer decision making process, both independently and in teams. It research characteristics of individual...


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