Article 2 constitution

 Essay about Article two constitution





A. Vesting term.

1 . Chief executive of the U. S has executive electric power.

a) The president a solid mandate to enforce the country's regulations and dispense the country's public plans.

2 . The president and vice president will hold their office for 2, four year terms.

W. Electoral university.

1 . Each state gets a number of electoral votes equal to its quantity of Senators in addition its volume of House of Representatives.

a) This system splits ​

the between allocating electoral

ballots proportional to population or perhaps equally to each state.

C. Date to get Presidential elections.

1 . Our elected representatives sets the date intended for presidential elections.

2 . Polls on the Tues following the 1st Monday in November. M. Job Requirements.

1 . The president needs to be born in the U. S.

2 . The president has to be 35 years aged.

3. The president has to live in the U. S. for at least a decade. E. When the president or perhaps vice president drops dead.

1 . Congress declares that will be another president.

a) The person must act like the president till he turns into president, or maybe a new leader is chosen.

F. President's salary

1 ) The leader receives a pre-set earnings that may not be changed during his term.

G. Oath of Affirmations

1 . " I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will consistently execute the Office of President of the United States, and will towards the best of my personal Ability, maintain, protect and defend the Constitution states. " 2 . The leader needs to declare this before becoming chief executive. THE PRESIDENT'S POWER

A. The president is commander-in-chief of the army.

B. The president is a boss of the heads in the cabinet.

1 ) The leader needs written opinions from their store for the constitutional basis for the cabinet.

C. The director has the power to pardon persons convicted of crime 1 . Except in impeachment instances.

D. The president may negotiate...


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