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Between Cybernetics And Embodiment



I. Advantages: Cyborg-Being---------------------2

2. Cybernetics: A History----------------------------8

III. Embodied Topics and Spatiality--------------12

IV. Between Cyborgs and Posthumanity-----------17

Versus. Traversing Desire----------------------------------24

VI. Realization: Future Physiques ----------------------29

VII. Bibliography-----------------------------------------31

Do cyborgs have bodies? Using the functions of Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles and also other Feminist composing on Technology, discuss the relationship between cybernetics and embodiment. -------------------------------------------------


I. Launch: Cyborg-Being

A cyborg person is not innocent; it was certainly not born in a garden; it does not seek unitary identity therefore generates antagonistic dualisms endlessly (or until the world ends); its takes irony for granted. (Haraway, 1991: 180)

The post-human subject is an amalgam, a collection of the heterogeneous components, a material-informational business whose restrictions undergo continuous construction and reconstruction.

(Hayles, 1999: 3)

This composition will discuss feminist perspectives of post-human and cyborg body theory, as it pertains to conceptions of affectivity, subjectivity, materiality, incorporeality, and dis/embodiment. Cybernetics theory suggests that the body is a sales and marketing communications network, a method of responses mechanisms where information habits can be sold and circulated independent of material substrates. In shifting focus from the materials to the unimportant, cybernetics deems an equivalency between equipment and patient whereby: ‘the sociologic of human identity [is] transformed into an summary product of cybernetic organization' (Tomas, 95: 27). The human body, abstracted through the singular, materially bound enterprise it was once thought to be, is usually liberated into the space of the cybernetic affected person where ‘there are no vital differences or perhaps absolute demarcations between body existence and computer simulation' (Hayles, 99: 2). If perhaps machines really are a coded, informatics extension of human agreement, then how can we visualize the cyborg body in a manner that is associated with the post-human amalgam of human-machine? How much does an put, ‘materially enfleshed' figure in today's techno-culture signify? What is the body of the cyborg?

To learn this, I select to focus on the movement of desire through machinic and organic systems, and in accomplishing this, aim to delineate what a person is and what it does. Desire is a social, biological, symbolic rivetage that parallels the ideological construction from the cyborg-body (Cardenas, 2010: 73). In isolating the concept of desire as it shows up in and through several bodies, I actually examine the body by evaluating what Elizabeth Grosz calls ‘desire's thrashing restlessness', or that which ‘defies coding in to signs, entendement, meanings' (1995: 196). If desire cannot be coded, existing only as being a ‘series of intensities', i then propose that desire is an apt starting point for theorizing a conceptual link involving the cybernetic system and the put subject. In addition , the Deleuzian concept of ‘rhizomatic desire' conceives of an externalized vision of desire: a desire ‘that no longer rests on the dualistically split subject matter of modern quality, but rather within the intensive organization that is turned on by eternal returns, continuous becomings and flows of transformations in answer to external promptings' (Braidotti, 2002: 100). Desire through this sense is positive and affirmative, will not represent absence or void as in psychoanalytic theory. The figure in the cyborg is a multi-layered, multidimensional being in whose...

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