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A comparative examine of the civil service of Hong Kong

and Singapore

Hin, Ada; 禤雅儀


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In recent decades, many Parts of asia have been going through remarkable alterations and improvements, both in conditions of financial, technological and political aspects.

The Civil Service, whose contributions for the economy and

society will be relatively forgotten by many people when compared to the non-public sector, has actually recently been playing a significant or even a leading role in facilitating these types of developments.

First the new developments in many civil assistance systems in Asia could be traced back to the period following the Second World War, once there was an important reshuffle of power associations among the Asian countries. The Second Globe War upset the original equilibrium of electric power among the world's major nations, and this consequently, changed the geographical associations in many regions of Asia. With the end of the war as well as the setting up of the United Nations, the major western capabilities had to quit their former colonies or spheres of interests. Consequently, most of their former colonies in The african continent and Asia gradually received their self-reliance after the war. A period of post-independence personal unrest during these countries as a result followed and in order to cope with the requirement of forming a


new government following your leaving with their colonial experts, changes and transformation from the civil service systems became inevitable.

Furthermore, with the handover of politics power in the hands of the colonial forces to the native people, the objectives of the governments changed. Previously, the colonial governments implemented plans and rules to maintain it is presence inside their colonies and also to serve the interests of the colonial masters, without paying very much attention to the long-term benefits of the colonies1. With the creating of new national governments in certain countries such as Singapore, emphasis was at this point shifted to national advancement and guidelines were made on the merits and achievement for the countries' own great.

As a sequence

effect, the trend for detrimental service expansion meant a transformation from doing limited home keeping features, such as keeping law and order, through the colonial period, into a assistance oriented model with seeks for countrywide and economical developments for the post colonial period.

Besides, with all the remarkable monetary developments in america and The japanese after the Second World War, people in the Asian countries started to raise their very own


Shelter Boon Hiok, " Singapore”. In Siedentopf, Heinrich and Raksasataya, Amara (ed), Oriental Civil Companies – Advancements and Tendencies. Kuala Lumpur, 1980, l. 474.


expectations about the services of all their governments and seek for a greater living regular. This, with the efforts put forth by the Un in bettering the city services in the developing countries, led to a series of new innovations in the detrimental service systems in various areas of Asia in the past decades.

One of many areas in Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong are two cities with similar qualification, environments and standard of living. They are all have experienced a long period of time of colonial rule by simply Britain. Hk were underneath 155 numerous years of British rule from 1842 to 97 whereas Singapore had been a British colony intended for 140 years and got their internal self-government in 06 1959, and later its full independence in 1965. Both of them have experienced rapid financial growth and were viewed as two of the " Hard anodized cookware Four Dragons” in the eighties and early 1990s. The problems and difficulties facing these two cities, although may be diversified due to several political composition, social traditions and geographical variations, have sufficient features in common.

This is especially

clear after the...


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