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Engels literatuur

Hoofd periodes, sub-periodes sobre invasie volkeren:

1 . Prehistoric Britain. +/- 800 BC - fifty-five BC

Celts (5th century BC)

installment payments on your Roman The uk. 55 BC – 400 AD

three or more. The Old British or Anglo-Saxon Period500 – 1066

Soon after the romans left, Britain was attacked by simply Germanic people, mainly Sides and Saxons. Anglo-Saxon negotiations (410 AD – 800 AD)

The Vikings (The Danes) (800 AD – 978 AD)

Downfall of Saxon Great britain (978 ADVERTISEMENT – 1066 AD)

5. The Middle English language Period1066 – 1500

a few. The Renaissance1500 – 1600

The Early Tudor Period (1485 – 1550)

The Blooming of the Renaissance, or Elizabethan Period (1557 – 1625) Samenvatting boek

Prehistoric Britain

Around sixth century BC came the Celts.

Several forms of their very own language are still spoken today: Welsh � Wales, and Gaelic � in parts of Scotland (the Picts) and Ireland

Both roman Britain

About 400 ADVERTISING the Aventure were required to leave Britain and come back to Rome, to protect it against the attacks from the Germanic tribes.

Extra: A great Wall

The most remarkable Roman is still is the Hadrian Wall integrated the north of Britain at the most upper frontier with the Roman Empire by chief Hadrian. It is purpose was going to protect Roman Britain up against the warlike tribes (the Scottish and the Picts) that existed north of the wall (now Scotland)

The Anglo-Saxon, Danish and Grettle Invasions (400 AD – 1066 AD) Soon after the Romans kept, Britain was attacked by Germanic people, mainly Angles and Saxons (also simply by Jutes)

The distinctive persona of modern The english language is Nordic + some Welsh Nordic � German, Anglo-Saxon + Scandinavian people

Extra: A King away of a Legend

The intruders found cure easily right up until a King called Arthur united the British and defeated the invaders in lots of battles. The result was that the Anglo-Saxon enhance was halted for about 5 decades.

Anglo-Saxon settlements (410/ 420 AD – 1066 AD)

Aged English as well as Anglo-Saxon: most of the days of the week (in English) are named after Anglo-Saxon gods. Access Christianity by Ireland plus the South

The English or Anglo-Saxon Period (500 – 1066)

Chinese that the intruders (mostly Perspectives and Saxons) spoke was called Anglo-Saxon or Old British. The hailed from a Northern culture. The Angles and the Saxons forced the Celts and British people to Wales and Ireland

In England a variety of: Barbarism and Christianity

The Celts had been the original inhabitants of Britain

The best Old-English impressive (story in poetry with the adventures of your hero) is definitely BEOWULF Beowulf (+/- seven-hundred AD) is usually an epic poem. It reveals a mixture of Christian and pagan (heidense) factors. The story speaks of the young Swedish prince Beowulf, who visits the court from the Danish Nobleman Hrothgar In the story we come across the Germanic virtues sama dengan Loyalty until death to their lord was required in exchange for a sustenance (= comitatus)

Poetry. The poetry can be described as mixture of Christian and questionnable elements Jinglejangle verse with out rime/rhyme

As opposed to medieval poems, these points of Old English poetry must be remembered 1 ) It was monotonous (form)

installment payments on your The strengthen was serious and tragic (style)

3. The challenges were often fierce (content)

4. The hero failed somehow (content)

5. Girls: only in the back (content)

6. Supernatural events were distressing (content)

Lyric poems sama dengan nostalgic (poet's longing for the past/melancholic) impressive (fighting) Epic or heroic poem is a poem which narrates of heroic deeds and glorious history of the people. Important characteristics of an Anglo-Saxon warrior are his commitment to his lord, as well as to perform heroic deeds and also to gain celebrity.

The Vikings (the Danes) (800 ADVERTISING – 978 AD)

Full Alfred: the Anglo-Saxon Explain

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle can be: a record of the main historical (philosophical and religious) events in the country, kept by monks, and covering the period between fifty-five BC (J. Caesar) and 1154 AD

During the ninth and tenth centuries, large parts of Great britain were raided by Danes and...


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