Errors - Didactics

 Errors -- Didactics Study Paper

Mistake serious defficiency resulting from the Lack of knowledge. Mistake defficiency because of lack of correct knowledge or bad efficiency Lapse small incidental defficiency due to momentary disturbance producing i. elizabeth. from fatigue, nervousness, emotions

Types of errors:

Linguistic category:

• Pronunciation, grammatical (syntax, morphology)

• Semantic, lexical

• Discourse (style)

Surface framework category (what you can see)

• Omission (endings, articles)

• Enhancements:

double marks (double negation)

regularisation (put-putted, fish-fishes)

straightforward additions (in over there)

• Misinformation

Archiforms –one form to symbolize any other (that instead of these types of those) Alternating forms (she for her, this individual for his)

• Misordering – wrong order of sentence or perhaps questions.

Comparison category

• Interlingual – influence of L1 format, vocabulary

• Developmental -- children-learning-L1 like, plural, irregular verbs • Ambiguous

Expansive effect as a result of communication procedure

• Global – persons stop interacting; semantic, pronunciation • Community – apparently/partially correct, not reflecting motives of the presenter, don't quit communication; grammatical

Communication errors

• Semantic (a ‘cap' instead of a ‘hat')

• Sign-up (‘boat' instead of ‘warship')

• Sociolinguistic (in reference to believed social rules ‘hello Sir' instead of ‘Good morning Sir') • Fiel (improper composition in reference to the full text ‘who is this? ' ‘John is usually. ')

Category of errors according to the level of learning: • Presystematic: student is definitely unaware of the rule besides making mistakes randomly, sometimes creating correct utterances but is unable to correct her/himself or warrant the choice (she go, the girl goes) • Systematic: scholar makes standard mistakes due to erratic internalisation of the secret, (she is much nicer) • Postsystematic: college student creates...


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