Primary Problems of Pakistan

 Initial Problems of Pakistan Essay



Pakistan came into existence on 14th september 1947. Right after its establishmentPakistan faced range of problems. A lot of the problems of Pakistan were related withPakistan dispute with India, including the accession in the princely says, canal Water dispute, refugees' problems and circulation of armed and armed forces assets. Invade most of these problems were deliberately created by India itself to ensure that Pakistan will notmaintain it is independent position and rapidly merged with India. (Nehru told General Sir Frank Messervy in 1945, " his deliberate plan is always to allow Jinnah to have hisPakistan, end steadily makes things so impossible economically and otherwise for Pakistan that they have to can occur their joined knees and asked to get allowed back again toIndia. 1 . RADCLIFF PRIZE (AUGUST 16, 1947):

The Indian Independence Action 1947 offered the formation of two boundarycommissions for the division of the provinces of Punjab and Bengal between India andPakistan. Each border commission consisted of representatives by India andPakistan. Representatives of Punjab Boundary Commission  PakistanIndia

Justice Din MuhammadJustice Maher Chand MuhajanJustice Muhammad MunirJustice Tej SinghRepresentatives Bengal Border Commission  PakistanIndia

Justice Abu SalehJustice C. C. BiswasMuhammad IkramJustice N. K MukarjeeJustice S. A RehmanSir Cyril Radcliff was appointed since the chairman of both boundarycommissions. The two India and Pakistan had been agreed to acknowledge the decision of Radcliff in case of deadlock. As expected the representatives of India and Pakistan were unable toreach with an agreement and Radcliff declared his individual decisions on 16th Aug 1947.  Analysis of the Boundary Award�

The award was partial, unjust and unjust to Pakistan as cliff handed over number of Muslim majority areas which were contiguous for the boundary of Pakistan to India butnone out the Hindu majority areas to Pakistan; Award as well paved the way to get the disputes between India and Pakistan above Kashmir and Canal Normal water.

* Radcliff Award Handed over Some of the Muslim Majority Areas that wereContiguous to the Boundary of Pakistan to India: These areas included.

5. Sub-district of Ajnala in Amritsar district

* Sub-district of Nakadar and Jullundur in Jullundur district

2. Sub-district of Ferozepur and Zira in Ferozepur area

* Sub-district of Batala and Gurdaspur in Gurdaspur districtRadcliff honor, allotted sixty-two percent with the area of undivided Punjab to India, withfifty-five percent of the population.

Radcliff Award Opened the way for the Accession of Kashmir with India: Gurdaspur was a region contiguous to Pakistan. Away of their four Sub-District Gurdaspur, Batala and shakergarh were the Muslim vast majority and Pathankot was a non-Muslimmajority sub-district. During the time of partition the only rail and road communication between India and Kashmir was possible throughout the district of Gurdaspur, if Radcliff had simply awarded the Hindu the greater part sub-district of Pathankot to India still it would nothave had access to the state of Kashmir; by determining two Muslim majority sub-district of Baal and Gurdaspur Radcliff provided India a link with Kashmir. In 1948 India enteredits makes in Kashmir through Gurdaspur and annexed the state to India.

The Decision of the Punjab Boundary Commission Caused the Canal Water Dispute between India and Pakistan: Water of five rivers not simply gave Punjab its name but the economical life of Punjab is likewise depending on these kinds of rivers. Out of these riversthree rivers particularly Indus, Jhelum and Chenab enter in Punjab from Kashmir whereastwo estuaries and rivers Ravi and Sutlej enter from American indian held Punjab. Radcliff drew the boundary linein this sort of a way it cut through the river and canals; making India and Pakistan uppr andlower beneficiaries. Radcliff as well handed over the Ferozepur and Madupur mind works toIndia. Ferozepur head works that was �...


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