Julius Caesar Analysis

 Julius Caesar Analysis Essay

Julius Caesar Analysis

Aristotle was possibly the pioneer of modern day dramas, more specifically remarkable tragedies. He first defined what a

disaster is: A drama which will contained hubris, pathos and/or

bathos, plus the most valued element in a tragedy, a tragic

hero. This was generally the main figure who is commendable in his deeds, yet provides one downside which causes him to fall. The tragic works of Shakespeare were no exception. In the drama, Julius Caesar you can plainly see lots of the principles of the tragedy. That is certainly all apart from the tragic hero. Concepts as to who is the tragic hero range between Cassius to Julius Caesar

himself. The problem is all character types have materials to demonstrate and disprove them. However the hypothesis that Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero can be incorrect. One particular element into a tragic leading man is the leading man has merely one tragic drawback, and Brutus clearly recieve more than 1 flaw in his character. The first imperfections in Brutus

character is his naivete and the assumptions he makes about

additional characters. During the entire story these two defects are mirrored in many of his decisions and actions. A specific model is his view on the Roman populace. Thinking every Romans happen to be honorable and noble not necessarily only wrong, but it

effects him until the very end of the enjoy. One instance

occurred since the conspirators were conference. Brutus stated, Lets eliminate him boldly, but not wrathfully...... This shall make each of our purpose necessary and not envious.... (Shakespeare, Julius

Caesar, 2 . 1 . 172 & 177-178). He actually believed that all

involved were going to kill Caesar pertaining to honorable causes. Not when did this individual question the motives of everyone, where, the truth is Brutus probably was the simply involved for noble factors. Brutus certainly convinces the reader of his own naivete when he

states,... let us wash our hands in Caesars blood... Lets

all weep ^Peace, independence, and liberty!! (3. 1 . 106 & 110) By simply his enthusiasm, Brutus can be not aware of any other motives. He basically...


Julius Caesar Essay

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