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ACTG5100 Section U Job #2

Simply Coffee Circumstance Analyses


1 . Myriam-Senior Partner

installment payments on your Both the lovers

3. Consultant (That is ME)


Myriam- is concerned about the health of the 2nd bistro, needs to know the financial wellness of the café, to make long term decisions and wants to appreciate partnership details/options for the café. ME- To investigate business viability for Myriam, comprehending the financial claims to find out problems more preciously to find accounts, which should not exit inside the statements. To assess the partnership contract and give my advice


Canada Revenue Agency intended for tax uses for the partners is actually a constraint.

Analyses of the presented questions

1 ) Troublesome Accounts in the economic Statements

Interest and financial institution charges - $7530

In accordance with the information Simply coffee has no bank loan, therefore it has to be learned, what these kinds of charges consist of, as they really should not be part of the Salary Statement. The banks may well charge monthly fees on the accounts but it really can't be this high. Travel and leisure A/C - $2211

There is not any mention of any kind of required organization travel in the information provided by Just Coffee. Clarification is essential for this bank account. Vehicle AIR-CONDITIONING - $3303

It's evidently mentioned that no car is required to execute the general day to day activities of the café. All the food deliveries are created to the cafe and Just coffee has no automobile lease exceptional.

Some other advice from my side

Additional accounts where attention is essential

a) Additional information is required on meals and entertainment accounts ($2610) since staff meals are already made up. b) Insurance charges are on a larger side in comparison to Statistics Canada (Small Business- Nova Scotia), approximately by $714. c) It'll be worthwhile to cut all the other expenses that happen to be not related to business, for least in the coming number of years, such as Donations for $410. d) Inventory account is usually missing in the balance sheet, does that mean café sold every little thing it purchased or it is paid for in the spoilage. e) Spoilage food accounts is currently 10. 5%, it should ideally always be less, especially for a business, exactly where expected profit margin is much less, more work is required to prepare and buy food to get the café. Just with time deliveries required. f) Gear rental being $981, explanation required for this kind of account g) Any commissions on the sale for CD's could be looked at, to boost sales h) Fedral Income Tax payable consideration ($2667) in the balance sheet should not be there for the partnership, the internet income from the Café, ought to be divided between partners also they should pay out taxes for the income they may have made individually.

2 . Analyses of the shell out roll accounts

Amount inside the Income Statement - $136918

As $3000 monthly will be paid to 1 of the companions, this amount should be taken out, if it was not already. More details and clarity is required in this article. If we do take out this amount $36000(Yearly) from the total payroll, the account depends upon $100918, typically clearly high when compared to the details provided by Stats Canada (Small Business- Volkswagen Scotia). Based upon the nature of business (F& W industry) further more sub types from payroll account could possibly be determined via statistics Canada report, that could comprise of Commissions and Guidelines. Approximate sum could be applied for from the payroll account for further analyses- $55400(Commission). First Coffee's payroll accounts is still extremely high, approximately by simply $30000, this may be because of the magnet card reader. Immediate attention is needed to rectify this as the ratio between sales and wages account is at least 7 to 8% more than the comparable figures mentioned in Stats Canada and Just coffee is not able to pay these kinds of expenses and perhaps they are getting added up in the total amount sheet. (Current liability accounts (Tips, EI, Vacation & CPP,...


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