Marketing Chapter 6

 Marketing Section 6 Composition

Post Questions #6

1 ) The two types of purchasing products will be:

* -heterogeneous and homogeneous

* -unsought and comfort

* -generic and relatives

* -consumer and business

* -exclusive and rigorous

installment payments on your Lands' End clothing catalog retailer offers a fulfillment guarantee upon all products it sells. In other words, Lands' End gives its clients a(n) _____ warranty. 2. -implied

2. -descriptive

5. -full

2. -express

5. -limited

3. Craig had got a promotion while product manager for a buyer goods producer. To celebrate he told Tracey that having been going to get a bottle of Manor Margeaux, a costly red French wine, for them to share. Following driving to 2 liquor retailers experiencing not any success in locating his Margeaux, Tracey advised that they purchase a container of French champagne instead. But Craig insisted that they can try a third store on the other hand of the town. For Craig, Chateau Margeaux is a: 2. -unsought great

* -homogeneous shopping great

* -heterogeneous shopping very good

* -inconvenience good

5. -specialty great

4. A mode modification is a(n):

5. -aesthetic product change

5. -improvement in product flexibility and effectiveness * -change in the product's durability or perhaps dependability * -safety improvement

* -way to add ease

your five. The main goal of the global product development process is to: 2. -come up with new product ideas in Canada and use global markets because test market segments * -develop every product for potential worldwide distribution and edition to other countries 5. -expand the amount of different cool product offerings in order that individual nation needs may be achieved * -repeat the steps at the same time with advertising teams in each and every foreign...


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