Motorcycle Team Application

 Motorcycle Team Application Dissertation

п»їEmpire Motorcyclists MC


This information will remain confidential and you will be used exclusively for the purpose of identifying your membership into Disposition Riders MC.

Your name (first and last):

Do you have a nickname? If so , enter into name here:

Home cellphone:

Cell phone:

Particular date of birth:




Zip Code:

Career (optional):

Email-based address:

Just how did you hear about Empire Riders MC?

How long have you been riding?

Do you have a valid motorbike license?

What sort of motorcycle do you have?

What size engine did your motorcycle have?

Have you have you been a member of any bike or operating club?

Perhaps you have ever been a part of any car or truck golf club?

If you answered yes to any of the previously mentioned two queries, please list the name(s) of the club(s).


1 . Whilst prospecting with Empire Riders MC, you'll certainly be expected to execute yourself in a manner that will not provide embarrassment or perhaps shame to ER.

2 . All potential customers will be necessary to undergo a three (3) month prospect period.

3. Potential customers are not in order to take a keep of absence (LOA) throughout their prospect period. If prospect is gone for over two (2) weeks, in that case their prospect time will eradicate and then continue upon all their return to the organization.

4. The sole acceptable factors behind being missing from IM OR HER are work-related, family disease or fatality during potential customer time.

five. If prospective client disobeys any club rules, they will have one main (1) month added to their particular prospect time.

6. Potential customers will esteem all club members. If a problem really does occur, possibility will converse with their membership sponsor and they'll take steps to fix the issues.

7. Prospects are required to attend most club gatherings and are prohibited to speak with regards to the club organization until the floors is accessible to them at the conclusion of the meeting.

8. A prospect is without say in the club, so he/she will never be able to election until he becomes a working member.

9. Prospects cannot bring in fresh prospects. Prospective customers need to have an associate bring anyone wishing to get a prospect. Becoming a prospect does not guarantee account to this organization. You still have to become voted in to Empire Bikers MC. What you do as a prospect will have an effect on basically. Application/membership charge: $320 – includes jacket and plot. If for almost any reason you decide to leave the club, you will return most patches. Zero reimbursement pertaining to the patches will be provided. Dues (for 3 months): $25 monthly

By placing your signature to this, you agree that you have got read, figure out, and will adhere to all the possibility guidelines abovementioned on this web page.

______________________________________________________________________________ Brand (please print) Signature Date EMPIRE MOTORCYCLISTS MC AREA CONTRACT

My spouse and i, ____________________________________ realize that the Empire Riders MC patch is the sole property of Empire Riders MC. If for virtually any reason My spouse and i decide to leave this business or We am asked to keep this corporation, I will under your own accord surrender my personal patch to the club.

We also realize that any items I am given or choose to order through the team or on my own containing the Empire Bikers MC logo must be delivered to the business upon my personal leaving.

Let me wear my patch with respect and dignity and may not take shame or perhaps disgrace to myself or perhaps other membership members.

Let me let no other person wear my personal patch until they belong to the guidelines of Empire Bikers MC account rules.



Imprinted Name____________________________________

Current Driver's License____________________________

Witnessed by____________________________________




Empire Riders MC is a non-profit...


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