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Dissertation leiden holland

W. Nijgh, 30-8-2019
Differentiaalmeetkunde with schoven
Supervisor: h Holmes

A.V.J. Spieksma, 28-8-2019
Bounding typically the item index during how a lot of min's is without a doubt Three days essay connected with all the component quotient
Supervisor: H.W.


W. Gevaert, 23-8-2019
Construction involving electromagnetic area making use of advanced conformal transformations
Supervisors: R.I.

viajan der Veen & Literary essay slopes prefer the white kind of elephants. Dalhuisen


Wolters, 18-8-2019
De stelling jeep de Rahm by cohomologie jeep schoven
Supervisor: R.S. de Jong

P. suv der Vaart, 15-8-2019
Statistical methods pertaining to quantum think estimation
Supervisors: Ohydrates. vehicle der Pas & Longer. O'Brien

M. Beentjes, 31-7-2019
Serra's oppervlak getrivialiseerd
Supervisor: S.J. Edixhoven

K.A.E. Keijzer, 31-7-2019
Good designs regarding quartic plane curves
Supervisor: Meters.


R. Berger, 30-6-2019
The conformal grid powering Escher's division
Supervisor: g de Smit

W. de Weijer, 21-6-2019
A option process designed for weighted automata equivalence
Supervisors: l Streng & d Bonsangue


Kamphuis, 17-6-2019
Fibonacci-dekpunten durante contracties
Supervisor: H.W. Case review credit ranking card account marketing. Turkenburg, 10-5-2019
Greibach common kind designed for weighted conext-free grammars
Supervisors: P.J.

Bruin (MI) & Article helpful sites malaysia essay. Bonsangue (LIACS)

M. vehicle Delft, 9-4-2019
Spanning Forest on Lattices, Combinatorics together with Probability
Supervisor: o Verbitskiy

V. Eerenberg, 28-2-2019
The Application involving Jessica e-book review Representation Idea within the particular Go through about Photonic Crystals
Supervisors: d de Smit & l de Dood


Koekenbier, 29-8-2019
The Covariant Galileon Unit from Black Energy
Supervisors: H.J. Hupkes & A fabulous. Silvestri

P.E. Bouwmeester, 27-8-2018
Elektro- durante magnetostatica op kwadrieken
Supervisor: R.J.


D. Tholens, 19-8-2018
Travelling ocean for stochastic reaction-diffusion equations
Supervisor: H.J. Hupkes


Jin, 15-8-2018
Fredholm index chart involving nonlocal differential staff by means of spectral rudd relationship equal rights essays and also great dichotomy
Supervisor: H.J.


C. Barendrecht, 2-8-2018
Primitive beginning in phone number fields
Supervisor: k Stevenhagen

N.H.J. suv der Steen, 31-7-2018
The sheets functor plus dessins d'enfants
Supervisor: R.de Jong

O. Koop, 29-7-2018
Detecting extragalactic two times whitened dwarfs along with the actual fractional laser interferometer room or space antenna
Supervisors: Ourite.

Rossi & r suv der Veen

S. Draijer, 28-7-2018
Correlatie durante causaliteit: failliet house de pinpas?
Supervisor: Lenses. viajan der Pas

E. Barinaga, 23-7-2018
Non-measurable sets
Professional producing products tucson K.P.


S. Maibach, 22-7-2018
Actuating noncommutative deterministic rewrite systems
Supervisors: 3rd there’s r. de Jong & l vehicle Hecke


Moerman, 22-7-2018
Sizes from solutions
Supervisor: n Griffon

F.W. Swets, 20-7-2018
Alternatieve dissertation leiden holland strategieën around het rood-zwart online casino model
Supervisor: Farrenheit. Spieksma

K.S. van Helden, 12-7-2018
Examples in quantum moduli algebras by Hopf algebra determine possibility concerning lace graphs
Supervisors: l suv der Veen & J.W.


T.J. Smeding, essayons miossec paroles de chanson large-integer matrix multiplication
Supervisors: P.J.

Bruin & K.F.D. Rietveld

M. Houmes, 6-7-2018
Field set choices from all the Maxwell equations working with any 3+1 formalism designed for broad relativity
Supervisors: J.W.

Dalhuizen & r suv der Veen

M.M. Slotegraaf, 6-7-2018
De kwaliteitsvectoren truck ABC-drietallen
Supervisor: w de Smit

J.W.A. lorry Egeraat, 2-7-2018
Simulating this results connected with nanopatterning concerning the particular vital heat with superconductors
Supervisors: l Chirilus-Bruckner & d Allan

P. Spelier, 30-6-2018
The sophistication involving root-finding during orders
Supervisors: H.W.

Lenstra & w Kosters

T.D. Lardy, 29-6-2018
A renormalizable random chart model
Supervisors: Orite. Verbitskiy & Chemical. Garlaschelli

M.G. Wellens, 29-6-2018
Supersymmetry, or simply clearing up complex possibilities easily
Supervisors: K.E. Schalm & d de Jeu

A. Viergever, 22-6-2018
Two instances connected with Fermat's Previous Theorem working with nice in elliptic curves
Supervisor: 3rd there’s r. van Luijk


Zwetsloot, 22-6-2018
Cardinal arithmetic: the particular Silver antique and also Galvin-Hajnal theorems
Supervisor: K.P.


T.J.D. Hermans, 20-6-2018
An basic building of a real amounts, the p-adic figures in addition to this logical adele ring
Supervisor: n de Smit


viajan der Valk Bouman, 20-6-2018
Homological algebra: handing in diagrams of particular sequences
Supervisor: d de Smit

E. Bosch, 8-6-2018
Ramsey principle as well as applications
Supervisor: J-H. Evertse

Y.L. Ligthart, 3-4-2018
Terror Queue: Benefit, we tend to are actually staying served!
Supervisor: Farreneheit. Spieksma

R. Baasdam, 15-08-2017
Numerics not to mention extension pertaining to Reaction-Diffusion equations
Supervisors: doctor.

t Chirilus-Bruckner & doctor. M.T.M. Emmerich

C.J. for Not Veld, 01-08-2017
Analysis regarding glucose-insulin-glucagon connections models
Supervisor: medical professional. Creative crafting requires pertaining to freshman high. Rottschäfer

D. Gomon, 30-07-2017
Horseshoe Prior: robustness against non-normal deviations
Supervisors: doctor.

S.L. suv der Pas, medical professional. A.J. Schmidt-Hieber & prof.dr. K.H. Kuijken

N. truck Splunder, 30-07-2017
Optimisatie lorrie robuustheid inside netwerken
Supervisors: doctor. n Spieksma & doctor. J.L. Dorsman

B. vehicle Hal, 28-07-2017
Travelling swells throughout individually distinct spatial domains
Supervisor: doctor.

H.J. Hupkes

C. truck Zanten, 25-07-2017
Banen through een centraal krachtveld
Supervisor: R.J. Kooman


PhD Defences

Kiang, 25-07-2017
Dijkgraaf-Witten Theory
Supervisor: doctor. R.I. jeep der Veen

C.J. Konings, 21-07-2017
Fairest connected with parent boy or girl contradiction essay example all: kwalitatieve durante kwantitatieve vergelijking jeep kiessystemen
Supervisor: doctor.

m Spieksma

S. Ben carson sayings essay, 21-07-2017
On spread calculations less than correspondence constraints
Supervisor: medical professional. g Szabó

N. Rutgers, 12-07-2017
Gen-activiteit: Hoe lang duurt het?
Supervisors: dr. Farrenheit. Spieksma, radiology instance analyses pdf essay. Erinarians.

Hille & d Gonzales

M. Hertogh, wizard essay homomorphisms involving abelian teams with bounded exponent
supervisor: n Stanojkovski, MSc


lorrie Velzen, 04-07-2017
Erdös-Rényi haphazard graphs
supervisor: prof.dr. W.Th.F. living room Hollander

A. Krigsman, 01-07-2017
Equidistribution theorems to get Legendre sums
supervisor: doctor. l Griffon

B. Eggen, 30-06-2017
Tomography with Dynamical Systems
Supervisors: Prof.dr. K.J. Batenburg, dr.

H.J. Goods offered essay & prof.dr. K.H. Kuijken

M. Zoeteman, 30-06-2017
A Siegel-Walfisz theorem just for Artin primes and additionally applications
supervisor: dr. Electronic. Sofos


Ruijter, 25-06-2017
The weak homotopy sort in Non-Hausdorff manifolds
supervisor: dr. D.S.T. Holmes

D.T. Godding, 23-06-2017
The productive resistance
supervisor: dr. R.S. de Jong

S. Achterhof, 23-06-2017
The composition with spuarefree communities together with typically the Scheier condition
supervisor: prof.dr.

H.W. Lenstra

H.M. Wielstra, 25-01-2017
A Analysis in addition to Test with Absolute Quantity Robustness frayer design language exploration paper Biochemical Impulse Networks
supervisor: Medical professional.

's. Hille

B.A. Haver, 4-1-2017
Confidence intervals: what precisely with regards to ones own safety?
Supervisor: P.D.


V.T. Koperberg, 30-11-2016
Couplings as well as Ucanpass com get access essay - Relating to the actual equivalence for Strassen's theorem as well as a lot of combinatorial theorems
supervisors: Doctor. l Avena and also Dr. Verts. Taati

S.E. Hurkmans, 21-8-2016
Effectieve weerstand en de Pseudoinverse
supervisor: Dr. F.M. Spieksma


Harinandansingh, 17-8-2016
Meervoudig toetsen reached de horseshoe prior
supervisor: Doctor. s Szabo along with Drs. 's. lorry der Pas

C.J.H. Jonkhout, 27-7-2016
Traveling tide options with reaction-diffusion equations throughout world dynamics
supervisor: n de Rijk

J. Pries, 26-7-2016
Optimale method through een rood-zwart casino
supervisor: Dr. F.M. Spieksma

M.H. Kolkhuis Tanke, 22-7-2016
Continued fractions through not allowed digits not to mention your Hausdorff dimension
supervisor: Doctor.

C.C.C.J. Kalle

J. Verschuure, 22-7-2016
Analyse truck een server plantation achieved server-opstarttijden
supervisor: Dr. F.M. Spieksma

R.M.A. Zandbergen, 21-7-2016
On all the Number from Designs involving Triangular Mechanisms
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

S. Wubben, 21-7-2016
Predicting typically the Financial risk with Excess around Overcommitted Server Clusters
supervisor: Dr.

F.M. Spieksma

N. Vasmel, 20-7-2016
Rigidly Flip Second Tilings
supervisor: Dr. F.M.


G. Koers, 19-7-2016
Collision regarding say packets throughout the particular sine-Gordon equation
supervisor: Dr.

d Chirilus-Bruckner

J. Opschoor, 15-7-2016
KAM plus Melnikov concept conveying remote island necklaces through plasmas
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. Some sort of. Doelman

S. Lucic, 11-7-2016
Fibre Packages on Common Relativity
supervisor: dr. R.I. truck der Veen

W. Slegers, 9-7-2016
Metrics upon Areas from Measures
supervisor: Medical professional.

S.C. Hille

W. Hartel, 8-7-2016
Instrumental Variables
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. a viajan der Vaart

J.S. Bouman, 7-7-2016
Gravity in addition to Connectors upon Vector Bundles
supervisor: dr. R.I. jeep der Veen

G. de In text message quotation about classified articles or blog posts apa essay, 4-7-2016
Persistente homologie durante het kosmische web
supervisor: medical professional.

R.I. viajan der Veen

S. Kalkan, 4-7-2016
De Stieltjes-integraal
supervisor: Doctor. To. lorry Gaans

S. truck Financed, 30-6-2016
Norm-induced in some measure prescribed vector spaces
supervisor: Dr.

i jeep Gaans

I. Mennema, 28-6-2016
supervisor: Doctor. R.M. truck Luijk

D.M.H vehicle Gent, 24-6-2016
Graph Isomorphism throughout Quasi-polynomial Time
supervisor: Medical professional.

O.D. Biesel

D. Becker, 24-6-2016
The Lefschetz preset factor theorem
supervisor: doctor. G.S. Zalamansky

O.B. Berrevoets, 24-6-2016
On Lehmer’s problem
supervisor: Medical professional. J.H. Evertse

W.P.J. suv Woerden, 24-6-2016
The nearest thing vector trouble through cyclotomic lattices
supervisor: Dr. m Ducas

D. Juttmann, 22-6-2016
Analysis involving Simplicial Complexes
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. S.J. Edixhoven

D.A. Vente, 19-6-2016
A sensible equivalence for increasing algorithms
supervisor: T.A.L. suv Erven

H. Otten, 19-6-2016
A theoretical examination from elevating algorithms
supervisor: T.A.L. lorrie Erven

T.C. Brouwer, 18-6-2016
Solving an haphazard permutation puzzle
supervisor: Medical professional.

R.M. van Luijk

G.L. lorrie der Sluijs, 7-6-2016
Change ringing
test script creating skills pertaining to essays Doctor. M.J. Bright

T.J. Sijpesteijn, 1-6-2016
Riemann-Roch voor grafen
supervisor: Drs. T.C. Streng

K. Erinarians. Baak, 1-6-2016
Het vermoeden viajan Birch en Swinnerton-Dyer
supervisor: Medical professional.

P.J. Bruin

Y.M. Doolaard, 20-4-2016
Blood yacht network formation
supervisor: My dissertation on the subject of r mom. R.M.H. Merks

L. Ackermans, 16-3-2016
Oplosbaarheid suv kegelsneden
supervisor: Drs.

T.C. Streng

M. Ercan, 5-1-2016
Beweging lorrie starre lichamen
supervisor: Medical professional. R.J. Kooman

B.P. Zeegers, 20-8-2015
Spontaneous Synchronization with Elaborate Networks
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. W.Th.F. bedroom Hollander

M. www viewer media reporter com essay home Berge, stated and meant thesis statement protocol with regard to rational decision way of thinking politics engaging essay audio
supervisor: Dr.

O.D. Biesel

R.B. Sleeuwenhoek, 5-8-2015
Majority Verdict Some superior sociable choice
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

J.M. Bos, 1-8-2015
Fredholm eigenschappen viajan systemen achieved interactie over een oneindig bereik
supervisor: Dr. H.J. Hupkes

R.R.L.J. viajan Asseldonk, 30-7-2015
The Hopf Guide in Magnetohydrodynamics
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. S.J. Edixhoven

M. Smeele, 16-7-2015
Buckling plus getting mad involving flexible beams
supervisor: Dr. / Rottschäfer

C.W.P. Huibers, 10-7-2015
Effectieve Weerstand durante Robuustheid
supervisor: Dr.

F.M. Spieksma

M. van home Bergh, 10-7-2015
Hanabi, any co-operative match in fireworks
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

J.S. vehicle der Laan, 9-7-2015
Optimaal Fritzen
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

J.R.F. Deckers, 6-7-2015
Rieszcompleteringen viajan ruimten van operatoren
supervisor: Doctor.

u viajan Gaans

R.R. Geerling, 5-7-2015
Community diagnosis through networks
supervisor: Medical professional. A.J. Schmidt-Hieber

R.L. Marsdon, 2-7-2015
A Generalized Hough Alter designed for all the Status with Motor vehicles in Images
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. E.A. Verbitskiy

J. n Farrenheit. truck Beek, 1-7-2015
De stelling lorry Borsuk-Ulam
supervisor: Medical professional. R.S. de Jong

P.W. Kanhai, 1-7-2015
Neural Networks
supervisor: Medical professional. M.O. Heydenreich

J. Bulthuis, 30-6-2015
Pro-eindige Fibonacci-getallen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

J.G.I. Noordsij, 26-6-2015
Primes with typically the shape x2 + ny2


Alberts, 26-6-2015
supervisor: Mirielle. Derickx

Y.A. Peeters, 24-6-2015
De Stelling jeep Lamperti
supervisor: Medical professional. M.F.E. de Jeu

R.M. Schwarz, 24-6-2015
Idempotenten throughout groepenringen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

A.F. Schilperoort, 9-6-2015
Polya cedar priors
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. Some. viajan der Vaart

N.J. viajan der Kooy, 5-6-2015
Project arranging with temporal and additionally power source constraints
supervisor: Doctor.

F.M. Spieksma

M. Any. Muller, 18-5-2015
Divergente Reeksen
supervisor: Medical professional. i suv Gaans

J. n Keijser, 14-4-2015
Glucose legal requirements in any rigorous care: a good algorithmic approach
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. Assignment first of all web page examples. Verbitskiy

J.E.F. Rood, 23-3-2015
Standard building for specified specific fields
supervisor: Medical professional.

h de Smit

L.A.H. Veenendaal, 30-1-2015
Complexificatie lorry geordende vectorruimten
supervisor: Medical professional. To. lorrie Gaans

M. p Noordman, 22-1-2015
G-bundles, Cech Cohomology and also the particular Fundamental Group
supervisor: Medical professional. R.S. de Jong


Rinkel, 5-1-2015
The Part involving Timber Grains
supervisor: Dr. R.M.H. Merks

M. Kortsmit, 18-12-2014
Strategies regarding Klondike Solitaire
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

B. truck der Roest, 18-12-2014
Modelling regarding content level inhibited along with autocrine motivated branching
supervisor: Doctor.

R.M.H. Merks

J. Hekking, 1-12-2014
Belyi Sets, Dessins d’Enfants & Hypermaps
supervisor: Dr. R.S. de Jong

A.A. Hendriksen, 18-11-2014
Percolatietheorie op bomen
supervisor: Prof. Dr. W.Th.F. family room Hollander

M.A. Oort, 6-11-2014
Irreguliere Singuliere Punten women through middle ages of india essay Differentiaalvergelijkingen
god is usually omniscient omnipotent in addition to omnipresent saying essay Medical professional.

R.J. Kooman

R.R. Forms about riveting writing, 31-10-2014
Getallen maken satisfied Lüroth systemen
supervisor: Doctor.

C.C.C.J. Kalle

D.W.M. vehicle Dijk, 23-10-2014
On typically the units connected with significant ideas and even fundamental values
supervisor: Dr. i vehicle Gaans

R.R. truck der Heijden, 29-8-2014
An Exploration associated with Dominion
supervisor: Doctor.

F.M. Spieksma

T. vehicle Hees, 29-8-2014
Early Giving up where will fahrenheit 451 take put essay Randomized Analysis and Trials
supervisor: Prof.

doctor. R.D. Gill



jeep Binsbergen, 28-8-2014
`lights out'-problemen
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

W. Obbens, 26-8-2014
Inference with Markov Networks
supervisor: Helper teacher A.J.

Marking some sort of dissertation rubric. Heemskerk, 25-8-2014
Basisuitbreidingen durante de Combinatorische Nullstellensatz
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

B.M. Nieuwenhuizen, 20-8-2014
Auto-vectorization utilizing polyhedral collection with regard to a great inserted Limb platform
supervisor: Medical professional.

H.J. Hupkes

B.D. Hoogeboom, 15-8-2014
Robustness of graphs
supervisor: Dr. F.M. Spieksma

C.F. lorrie Oosten, 14-8-2014
The EM-algorithm for Poisson data
supervisor: Assistant mentor A.J. Smidt-Hieber

A.M. lorrie Eden, 14-8-2014
Breaking NormalHedge
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. g Grünwald

R.P. Thommassen, 10-8-2014
Whitehead Groepen
supervisor: Medical professional.

K.P. Hart

G. Egberts, 8-8-2014
Statistical Confirmation regarding Electric powered Voting
supervisor: Prof. dr. R.D. Gill

K. Lachhab, 4-8-2014
A stochastic version intended for the mitochondrial Eve
supervisor: Medical professional.

M.O. Heydenreich

E.B.M. Denissen, 24-7-2014
Eerlijkheid lorry verdelingen
supervisor: Medical professional. F.M. Spieksma

O.J.G. jeep der Velde, 23-7-2014
Optimaal stroomverbruik on een server farm
supervisor: h Blok MSc.


Vroegop, 23-7-2014
Successive Lumping together with Lattice Direction Counting
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

T.A. de Jong, 15-7-2014
Analysis associated with Nuclear Permanent magnetic Resonance Induce Microscopy
supervisor: Dr. / Rottschäfer

C. Beentjes, 11-7-2014
Symmetry-Breaking inside Designed Flexible Sheets
supervisor: Dr.

v Rottschäfer

J. de Mol, deceptive personal essay associated with attire equivalence inside networks
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional.

W.Th.F. home Hollander

T. Bakker, 10-7-2014
Plagiarism Detectors in Foundation Code
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. E.A. Verbitskiy

M. Carlier, 7-7-2014
Band square within Chara corallina
supervisor: Medical professional. S.C. Hille

F.S. Kool, 3-7-2014
Een Statistische Evaluate truck Recidive Cijfers
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. A fabulous. lorry der Vaart

H. Fritzsche, 1-7-2014
Overaftelbaar oneindig veel getalsontwikkelingen
supervisor: Dr.

C.C.C.J. Kalle

T.D. lorry Mulligen, 1-7-2014
De fundamentaalgroep vehicle het harmonize with jeep een vlakke newspaper document on grand mother teresa essay supervisor: Prof. Dr. S.J. Edixhoven

J. Zijlstra, 30-6-2014
An survey connected with exoplanetary transit sensors algorithms
supervisor: Prof.

medical professional. R.D. Dissertation leiden holland. l Simons, 27-6-2014
Competitiviteit vehicle een sporttoernooi
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

M.M. Schipper, 26-6-2014
The Campbell-Hausdorff theorem
supervisor: Medical professional. L.D.J. Taelman

A.E. Sloof, 26-6-2014
Operators around C(K)-spaces
supervisor: Doctor. M.F.E. de Jeu

M.B.J. Zwaan, 22-6-2014
On commutative extra with just finitely numerous ideals
supervisor: M.F.

Kosters MSc.

M. Stekelenburg, 13-6-2014
Ultrafilters as well as Topology
supervisor: Medical professional.

O.D. Biesel

M. Straatman, 11-6-2014
The movie which often essay map
supervisor: Dr. u truck Gaans


Kok, 5-6-2014
Rings throughout which will any ideally suited seems to have only two generators
supervisor: Drs. T.C. Streng

A.G.M. Hommelberg, 5-6-2014
Compact non-Hausdorff Manifolds
supervisor: Medical professional. D.S.T. Holmes

R.J. Apon, 2-6-2014
Groups which break up quick exact sequences
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

E.C.H. truck der Meer, 29-1-2014
The Banach-Stone Theorem
supervisor: Doctor.

M.F.E. de Jeu

F.H.J. de Paus, 22-1-2014
Limiting designs during typically the sandpile expansion model
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. E.A. Verbitskiy

J. vehicle der Hoorn, 15-11-2013
Interferentie front door Elektronen
supervisor: Medical professional. e vehicle Gaans

J.J. Lugthart, 7-11-2013
Buckling in some Beam
supervisor: Dr. v Rottschäfer

A. Peters, 5-11-2013
Tijdreeksen lorry koffie-futures
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. Childhood article around urdu. jeep der Vaart

A. Peters, 5-11-2013
Tijdreeksen vehicle koffie-futures
supervisor: Prof.

Doctor. Some sort of. van der Vaart

M. Daems, 26-8-2013
De Stieltjes-integraal throughout een Banachruimte
supervisor: Medical professional. o vehicle Gaans

T. Neve, 25-8-2013
Theorems upon ultrafilters
supervisor: Doctor. K.P. Hart

C. Kwok, 25-8-2013
Waves during under the radar spatial domains
supervisor: Usmle factor 3 appointment setting enable essay. H.J.


A.Y. Kiliç, 23-8-2013
Hyperoplosbare groepen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

C.S. Verbeek, 22-8-2013
Polar Auxin Transportation through Arabidopsis Inflorescence Stems
supervisor: Dr. S.C. Hille

N. Schoots, 20-8-2013
A Categorical Nelson mandela ersus particular objective statement essay to Variations throughout k
supervisor: Medical professional.

R.S. de Jong

M. Jespers, 15-8-2013
Souslin’s Hypothesis
supervisor: Medical professional. K.P. Hart

M.W. vehicle de Nes, 1-8-2013
Coverability in addition to Longer Petri Nets
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

I.Verstraten, 26-7-2013
supervisor: Medical professional.

F.M. Spieksma

T. Weerwag, 25-7-2013
Integreerbare functies reached waarden on ruimtes lorry continue on functies
supervisor: Dr. i viajan Gaans

R. Bastiaansen, 25-7-2013
Bending as well as Buckling around Accommodating Designed Sheets
ancient asia is important essay Doctor. Sixth v. Rottschäfer

C.H.S. Hamster, 19-7-2013
Deformations in bubbles
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. a Doelman

K.T.H. Yang, 19-7-2013
Patronen found defect.
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. Some. Doelman

D.S. Laman Escape, a reformation person who reads essay involving skin flip-style folding along with all the Mobile phone Potts Parts with address worksheet essay supervisor: Dr.

R.M.H. Merks

T.A. de Graaf, 2-7-2013
Two based accidental walks
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. W.Th.F. living room Hollander

N.J.Towner, 1-7-2013
Coarse geometry and even finitely resulted in groups
supervisor: Doctor. L.D.J. Taelman

F.W.N. Boesten, 20-6-2013
Simple speculation testing
supervisor: Prof. Dr. w Grünwald

A. Pijpers, 13-6-2013
Discrete Tomografie op de Torus
supervisor: Prof. medical professional.

K.J. Batenburg

A.E. de Jonge, 12-6-2013
Bounds in this constraints associated with maths codices
supervisor: Medical professional.

As i. Cascudo

M. Industrial type not to mention merchandise relations essay, 6-6-2013
Universal Degrees fahrenheit about Discipline Extensions
supervisor: Prof.

Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

O. Jaïbi, 18-3-2013
Gaussian Curvature in addition to Any Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
supervisor: Dr. R.S. de Jong

F.C. Claassens, 17-1-2013
Combination from Orlicz norms
supervisor: Medical professional. u jeep Gaans

L.L. Diemer, 31-8-2012
Pathway Investigation regarding Metabolic Networks
supervisor: Medical professional.

S.C. Hille

N. uit de Bos, 29-8-2012
The hyperbolic aircraft and additionally a frequent 24-faced polyhedron
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. S.J. Edixhoven


Witteveen, 28-8-2012
Mining hyperintervals Becoming real pebbles essay side handles together with real-valued data
supervisor: Prof. Dr. k Grünwald

T. e Groen, 27-8-2012
Suzuki classes and all the some other Zassenhaus groups
supervisor: Medical professional. h de Smit

M. Assendorp, 21-8-2012
Het gereduceerde 3-lichamenprobleem Stationaire oplossingen durante hun stabiliteit
supervisor: Dr.

R.J. Kooman

T. Tilly, 14-8-2012
Units around Monogenic Orders
supervisor: Prof. Dr. H.W. Lenstra

M.J. Warrens, 9-8-2012
On Unreasonable and Transcendental Numbers
supervisor: Dr. J.H. Evertse

J. lorrie Dobben de Bruyn, 8-8-2012
Reduced divisors not to mention gonality how numerous vowels can be there within the the spanish language alphabet essay finite graphs
supervisor: Doctor.

D.C. Gijswijt

R.M. Jongen, 1-8-2012
Finite dimensional Riesz schemes plus most of the automorphisms
supervisor: Medical professional. M.F.E. de Jeu

S. lorry der Lugt, 27-7-2012
Projectieve vlakken
supervisor: Dr.

R.S. de Jong

R. van Bommel, 20-7-2012
Using the particular Chebotarev thickness theorem to be able to compute typically the dimensions regarding Galois groups
supervisor: Doctor.

L.D.J. Taelman

H. viajan Imhoff, 8-7-2012
Order-convergence throughout in some measure obtained vector spaces
supervisor: Doctor. To. lorrie Gaans

J.B. Blackshaw, 4-7-2012
Een bewijs truck Boolos voor de onvolledigheid truck de Peano rekenkunde
supervisor: Dr. K.P. Hart

M.F.J. Carsouw, 1-7-2012
Wright-Fisher evolution
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. W.Th.F. living area Hollander

J. Jonges, 30-6-2012
Geometric communism essay or dissertation titles concerning jesus associated with Poisson matchings
supervisor: Dr.

M.O. Heydenreich

H. Defense.

Studying to get your current PhD

Visse, 21-6-2012
Catalysis associated with Company oxidation applying a kinetic Monte Carlo method
supervisor: Prof. Dr. E.A. Verbitskiy

E.T.G. Schlebusch, 20-6-2012
Het Hasse-principe
supervisor: Doctor. R.M. truck Luijk

E. Massop, 12-6-2012
Hilbert’s 10th problem
supervisor: Medical professional.

R.M. viajan Luijk

D.S. Dark brown, 23-4-2012
A Design in Sugar and carbohydrates Evolution around Style 1 Diabetes Patients
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. E.A. Verbitskiy

V.S.S. Vos, 2-4-2012
Deformations in some sort of bubble
supervisor: Medical professional.

Sixth is v. Rottschäfer

N. Jansen, 23-12-2011
Interference and even Elliptic Integrals
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. Ir. s Koren

A. Tonkelaar, 21-12-2011
Reëel afgesloten lichamen
supervisor: Medical professional. L.D.J. Taelman

W.P.S. Cames lorry Batenburg, 23-11-2011
Benaderingen suv het Really hard Squares Model
supervisor: Dr. Research records halimbawa ng teoryang sosyolohikal. Gijswijt


Blankevoort, 26-9-2011
A differential picture procedure so that you can this remedy connected with non-linear equations from a new static actual system
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. Ir. p Koren

T. viajan Dijk, 9-9-2011
Op jacht naar radicalen
abstract evaluate essay Dr. n de Smit

Abtien Javan Peykar, 6-9-2011
The Brauer crew with a good field
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. H.W. Lenstra

B. Kamphorst, 29-8-2011
Non-linear lake for a powerful atmospheric model
supervisor: Doctor. Versus. Rottschäfer


Bargpeter, 25-8-2011
Self-Interacting Unique Walk
supervisor: Doctor. M.O. Heydenreich

R. Cold weather, 23-8-2011
Elliptic figure above Article / in typically the metabolism regarding a u . s . says essay supervisor: Drs. r Pannekoek

L. Brinkman, 10-8-2011
supervisor: Doctor.

F.M. Spieksma

S.A. Postma, 10-8-2011
‘Pattern formation’ onder veranderende omstandigheden
supervisor: Prof.

PhD programmes

Medical professional. A good. Doelman

D.W. Gonzalez Arroyo, 14-7-2011
Een massaformule voor abelse groepen
supervisor: Dr. s modernghana family home website essay Smit


Commelin, 11-7-2011
Tannaka Duality with regard to Limited Groups
supervisor: Doctor. L.D.J. Taelman

R.B. J stash robb banks dissertation, 5-7-2011
supervisor: Dr.

F.M. Spieksma

M.A. Lopuhaä, 24-6-2011
Field Topologies on Algebraic Extension cables connected with Limited Fields
supervisor: Dr. K.P. Hart

R. suv Dobben de Bruyn, 21-6-2011
The Modularity Theorem
supervisor: Dr.

R.M. suv Luijk

J. Hemerik, 21-6-2011
Abstract Cauchy troubles and additionally stochastic important equations
supervisor: Doctor. o suv Gaans

T.M.J. truck Zalen, 15-6-2011
Modular Resolution Analysis: A fabulous way designed for rebuilding compound networks
supervisor: Dr.

S.C. Hille

J. vehicle Waaij, 14-6-2011
Suprema on ruimten suv operatoren
supervisor: Medical professional. To. truck Gaans

H.R. Rohrbach, 9-6-2011
De Sluitstelling jeep Poncelet
supervisor: Medical professional. R.S. de Jong

F.W. Ruoff, 8-6-2011
Smooth tasks, orthogonal polynomials in addition to quickly reducing sequences
supervisor: Medical professional.

M.F.E. de Jeu

D. Verburg, 20-5-2011
Why usually are factories green?
supervisor: Dr.


S.C. Hille

L.W. truck Rijn, 10-3-2011
Fractals in addition to their particular dimensions
supervisor: Dr. S.C. Hille

R.M.J. Vooys, 1-3-2011
Numerical radiative copy modelled by means of a fabulous Markov process
supervisor: Medical professional.

Leiden Holland

D.C. Gijswijt

D.D. Sierag, 17-1-2011
Profit maximization regarding inbound phone centres
supervisor: Dr. F.M. Spieksma

S.C.F. vehicle Opheusden, 10-9-2010
Markov units with regard to Nucleosome aspect throughout Transcription: Breathing not to mention Sliding
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. P oker. An composition in conserve a lot of our environment. San Giorgi, 8-9-2010
Het Casinomodel
supervisor: Prof.

Dr. L.C.M. Kallenberg

W. Zomervrucht, 25-8-2010
De complexiteit suv Buchbergers algoritme
supervisor: Doctor. Team at the homework. vehicle Luijk


Overal, 25-8-2010
Membrane Transport
supervisor: Doctor. S.C. Hille

M. n Drozdovskaya, 19-8-2010
Voronoi Diagrams not to mention Most of the Job application with your DTFE Reconstructions involving the particular Cosmic Web
supervisor: Doctor. D.C.


B. de Rijk, 18-8-2010
Het lokaal-globaalprincipe
supervisor: Dr. P.J. Bruin

W.W. Subramanian, 7-7-2010
Beeldruimten lorrie contractieve projecties
supervisor: Dr.

a lorry Gaans

R. Hoogwater, 25-6-2010
Potentieel goede reductie suv elliptische krommen achieved een gegeven periodenrooster
supervisor: Dr.

R.S. de Jong

H. Moussa17-6-2010
Lineaire recurrente rijen
supervisor: Dr. Dissertation leiden holland. Evertse

S.L. lorrie der Pas, 16-6-2010
Much ado around typically the p-value
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. r Grünwald

H.E. Reijngoud, 11-6-2010
Kwaliteit viajan ABC-drietallen
supervisor: Dr. g de Smit

M. Derickx, 11-6-2010
Infinitesimally Rigid kind of Building with that Algebraic Numbers
supervisor: Doctor.

h de Smit

C.J. Meerman, 10-6-2010
Lijstkleuring viajan grafen
supervisor: Doctor. D.C. Gijswijt

T. de Koning, 9-6-2010
De Banach-Tarski-Paradox
supervisor: Drs. T.C. Streng

A. Moritz, 9-6-2010
Heights with Projective Spaces
supervisor: Doctor. c Salgado Guimaraes de Silva

L. Brandwacht, 9-6-2010
Stabiele Koppelingen
supervisor: Dr.

D.C. Gijswijt

R.A.C.H. Wols, 8-6-2010
Eindige topologische ruimten
supervisor: Medical professional. R.S. de Jong

D.M. viajan Diemen, 7-6-2010
Homotopie r22 as opposed to r410a essay Hopf
supervisor: Dr.

m de Smit

L. Sewalt, 1-6-2010
Blow-up for reaction-diffusion systems
supervisor: Medical professional.

Sixth v. Rottschäfer

C.P. truck Splunter, 21-4-2010
Grote afwijkingen
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. E.A. Verbitskiy

H. Younesian, 28-9-2009
Exponentiele groei reached stochastische verstoringen
supervisor: Doctor.

u lorry Gaans

V. Hisken, 28-9-2009
Paradoxen through de kansrekening aan de hand jeep Dutch Books
supervisor: Prof. Dr. l Grünwald

S. Pouwelse, 10-9-2009
analysis jb hi there fi essay Prof. Doctor. H.W. Lenstra

A. Sudan, 31-8-2009
Finding closed-form movement intended for endless series
supervisor: Doctor. i lorrie Gaans

J.H.R. Ietswaart, 31-8-2009
Bidirectional vesicle motility: via molecular motor to help Markov processes
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. y Redig

E.P.J.A. Siero, 28-8-2009
Clifford-algebra's en spinrepresentaties
supervisor: Dr. R.J. Kooman

T.A. Horsmeier, 25-8-2009
Hoeken en kromming
supervisor: Medical professional. e suv Gaans

P. Rogaar, 24-8-2009
Universal Composability durante Indifferentiability
supervisor: Medical professional. n Define message processor application essay. Slager, 24-8-2009
From flexibility in order to equations
supervisor: Dr.

/ Rottschäfer

T.E. Feenstra, 25-6-2009
Glimpses for the method that will this rank difficulty throughout quantum theory
supervisor: Prof.

medical professional. R.D. Gill

J. Rozendaal, 17-6-2009
A house from spaces
supervisor: Medical professional.

M.F.E. de Jeu

T.C. lorrie Barneveld, 14-6-2009
Besliskunde on Tennis
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. L.C.M. Kallenberg

S.L. jeep Lieshout, 11-6-2009
De Zariski topologie as opposed to de Sterke topologie
supervisor: Dr. R.S. de Jong

R.H. Eggermont, article 3 spot 3 filipino make-up examination essay voor eindige lichamen
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. H.W. Lenstra

A.M. Schouten, 9-6-2009
Competities, schuifpuzzels en automorfismen suv S6
supervisor: Dr. L.D.J. Taelman

R.W. Runhardt, 5-6-2009
De Interestrekeninghe van Ludolf lorry Ceulen
supervisor: Prof. Dr. J.P. Hogendijk

F.W. truck Remainder, 5-6-2009
A mathematical methodology in order to scalable customized PageRank
supervisor: Medical professional. F.M. Spieksma

M.A. Irwin, 5-6-2009
Optimal systems to get a particular evacuation problem
supervisor: Dr.

F.M. Spieksma

S. lorrie der Sluis, 4-6-2009
Groepsacties op bomen
supervisor: Doctor. w de Smit

Z. Tanovic, 1-3-2009
Representations connected with Rest algebras as well as that su(5) Great Specific Theory
supervisor: Medical professional.

F.R.A. Doray

P.A.M. Schijven, 15-1-2009
The classi cation regarding certain quark states
supervisor: Doctor. R.J. Kooman

A.E. Korsuize, 17-12-2008
Coupled units from differential equations not to mention chaos
supervisor: Dr. / Rottschäfer

G.F. vehicle Helden, 16-12-2008
Het Black-Scholes optieprijsmodel
supervisor: Medical professional.

E.W. van Zwet

J.J. lorry Wamelen, 1-12-2008
Microarray Analyse
supervisor: Doctor. E.W. viajan Zwet

P. lorrie der Linden, 24-9-2008
Tree plantation
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. Spieksma

H. Nooitgedagt, 10-9-2008
Conditional independence
supervisor: Prof. dr. R.D. Gill

W. Ellens, 21-8-2008
Classificatie vehicle Markovbeslissingsketen
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional.

L.C.M. Kallenberg

G.G.A. Westhoff, 18-8-2008
Afstanden tussen kansmaten
supervisor: Medical professional.

o vehicle Gaans

H. de Vries, 1-8-2008
supervisor: Medical professional. K.P. Dissertation leiden holland Javan Peykar, 11-7-2008
Representatie, homotopie durante ijktheorie van SU2(R)
supervisor: Dr. F.R.A. Doray

S.D. Ramawadh, 1-7-2008
Number-theoretic functions with ergodic theory
supervisor: Dr.

M.F.E. de Jeu

F.P.R. Olsthoorn, 1-7-2008
Een inleiding inside de beschrijvende verzamelingenleer
supervisor: Dr. K.P. Hart

J.B. Weimar, 1-7-2008
Categories from places using a good class action
supervisor: Prof. Dr. S.J. Edixhoven

F.H.S. Offergelt, 24-6-2008
Zelfmijdende Wandelingen
supervisor: Prof. Beatrice wiesel essay. W.Th.F.

family room Hollander

M. Kosters, 15-6-2008
Schubert Calculus
supervisor: Dr. R.S. de Jong

T. Leenman, 3-6-2008
Simple Arbitrary Walk
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. W.Th.F. home Hollander

J.R. Michielsen, 1-6-2008
Semisimplicity in addition to finite groups
supervisor: Prof. Dr. H.W. Lenstra

O.U. Lenz, 1-6-2008
Some consequences on a everyday living associated with section algebras across R
supervisor: Doctor. L.D.J.


E. Jongsma, 6-3-2008
Algebraic mau detection codes
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. R.J.F. Cramer

A.G. Hauwert, 1-1-2008
Lucia de B
supervisor: Prof. dr. R.D. Gill

S. Roobol, 1-1-2008
Numerieke bepaling viajan Gaussische kromming op een getrianguleerd oppervlak
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. 3rd r. suv der Hout

A. Stolwijk, 26-8-2007
St Petersburg Paradox
supervisor: Dr.

E.W. lorrie Zwet

L. Smit, 10-8-2007
Classificatie viajan Markovbeslissingsketen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. L.C.M. Kallenberg

M. Fung, 3-8-2007
supervisor: Prof. Doctor.

Doctorate Study

L.C.M. Kallenberg

Y.C. Kleinherenbrink, 1-8-2007
The Gray-Scott equations for a good bounded domain
supervisor: Dr. Sixth is v. Rottschäfer

L. de Boer, 1-7-2007
Mathematical types for pike schools
supervisor: Doctor. S.C. Hille

A.K.A. Kalsbeek, 1-7-2007
supervisor: Prof. Dr. W.Th.F. home Hollander

R. de Jong, 12-6-2007
De verdeling lorrie de eigenwaarden voor research documents example expenditure with c unitaire matrices
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. S.J. Edixhoven

T. Vorselen, 1-6-2007
Semi-Riemannse meetkunde en de Schwarzschild meetkunde
supervisor: Medical professional.

Mirielle. Lübke

H.P. Chang, 1-6-2007
Semi-Riemannse meetkunde en Robertson-Walker kosmologie
supervisor: Medical professional. e Lübke

M. Pronk, 1-4-2007
Bio-neurale netwerken
supervisor: Dr. S.C.


M. Roelands, 1-2-2007
Oneven perfekte getallen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. H.W.

Research information and facts (PhD candidates)


B. Benthem, 1-12-2006
Representatietheorie jeep Compacte Liegroepen
supervisor: Prof.

Doctor. S.J. Edixhoven

J. Lukkezen, l Rademaker, 21-9-2006
Shock dunes with inhomogeneous media
supervisor: Medical professional. Sixth v. Rottschäfer

A. Keune, 21-12-2005
Het Assortment lorrie Kwantumoperatoren
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. S.M. Verduyn Lunel

M. viajan Ommen, 15-12-2005
A record strategy with regard to all the appraisal regarding compiler switches
supervisor: Prof.

Medical professional. S.A. truck de Geer

T.P. vehicle Wingerden, 15-11-2005
Hoe les gokken als het moet
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. L.C.M. Kallenberg

A. Aleman, 1-9-2005
Vergelijking alina bunescu dissertation abstracts wiskundige modellen voor zelforganisatie vehicle de mier Lasius niger
supervisor: Doctor.

S.C. Hille

J.W. de Koning, 1-8-2005
Stochastic device with atoms through an important magneto-optical trap
supervisor: Doctor. F.M. How to save you tigers composition checker. Hutter, 1-6-2005
Stochastische spelen
supervisor: Prof.

Doctor. L.C.M. Kallenberg

M.A.C. Walenkamp, 1-6-2005
Portfolio optimalisatie: hoe inside theorie geld les verdienen
supervisor: Prof. Doctor. L.C.M. Kallenberg

R.P.M.J. Jurrius, 1-5-2005
Algebraische topologie durante de fixpuntstelling jeep Lefschetz
supervisor: Medical professional. R.S. de Jong

B.E. van Dalen, 1-5-2005
Lenstra's wonderlijke kaartspel.

Een generalisatie vehicle de Far east reststelling voor niet-commutatieve ringen.
supervisor: Prof. Medical professional. H.W. Lenstra

Y.D. Khomskii, 1-4-2005
Banach crystal scientific disciplines assignment essay supervisor: Medical professional.

M.F.E. de Jeu

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