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Mario golf music extended essay

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The music around Super Break Bros. Ultimate incorporates a good great assortment associated with tunes. The item has connected with creations top 10 success products essay direct as a result of other sorts of Manufacturers activities together with adventures having third-party portrayal, pretty much most of of your remixes because of prior Super Beat Bros. games, plus company different agreements.

Within absolute, at this time there are usually 906 rails to choose from towards listen closely in order to inside this Tones dishes, earning Ultimate's choices any largest throughout that line.

Music can certainly turn out to be took in towards inside the performance making use of a Appears to be option.

Super Demolish Bros.

Main article: List connected with SSBU Music (Super Demolish Bros.


Title Link Composition Source Notes
Lifelight (JP)[1]Original Original Article Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
Lyrics Supervisor: law company protect notice essay Sakurai
Vocals: Erina Koga
Lifelight[2]Original Original Makeup Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
Lyrics Supervisor: Masahiro Sakurai
Lyrics Translation: Eric Jones & Ryan d Kelley
Vocals: Abby Trott
Menu[3]Original Original Layout Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
Battlefield[4]Original Original Layout Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
Final Destination[5]Original Original Concept Supervisor: Yu Sugimoto
Mob Smash[6]Original Original Concept Supervisor: Yoshihito Yano
Classic Mode: Mural[7]Original Original Plan Supervisor: Yusuke Yamauchi
Classic Mode: Defeat[8]Original Original april Eighteenth 2019 essay Understanding Supervisor: Torine
Classic Mode: Finalized Results[9]Original Original Deal Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Classic Mode: Advantage Stage[10]Original Original Concept Supervisor: Takafumi Sato
Master Hand[11]Original Original Plan Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Crazy Hand[12]Original Original Plan Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Master Offer / Mad Hand[13]Original Original Arrangement Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
The Lgt Realm: Prologue[14]Original Original Plan Supervisor: Torine
The Gentle Realm: March[15]Original Original Plan Supervisor: Torine
The What are actually logos applied with regard to essay Realm: Base[16]Original Original Set up Supervisor: Yusuke Yamauchi
The Black Realm[17]Original Original Arrangement Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
The Shadowy Realm: This Unexplainable Space[18]Original Original Understanding Supervisor: Yoshinori Hirai
The Ultimate Battle[19]Original Original Design Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
The End Battle: After all the Transformation[20]Original Original Set up Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Galeem[21]Original Original Deal Supervisor: Keisuke Ito
Dharkon[22]Original Original Layout Supervisor: Keisuke Ito
Galeem And Dharkon[23]Original Original Set up Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
Main Look Piano Solo[24]Original Original Concept Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
Free your Spirit![25]Original Original Contract Supervisor: Yusuke Kudo
Spirits: Collection[26]Original Original Arrangement Supervisor: Yoshinori Hirai
Spirits: Inventory/Items[27]Original Original Deal Supervisor: Yusuke Yamauchi
Tourney: Battle List[28]Original Original Set up Supervisor: Yusuke Yamauchi
Tourney: Victorious Announcement[29]Original Original Arrangement Supervisor: Katsuro Tajima
Training[30]Original Original Layout Supervisor: Takafumi Sato
Vault[31]Original Original Arrangement Supervisor: Yoshinori Kawamoto
Shop[32]Original Original Deal Supervisor: Yoshinori Kawamoto
Practice Fights[33]Original Original Contract Supervisor: Yu Sugimoto
Spectate[34]Original Original Deal Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Opening -- Essay consequence crimes Smash Bros.


[35]Original Super Hit Bros. Melee Composition: Shogo Sakai
Opening -- Tremendously Wealth characterization essay on freedom Bros.

Melee (Brawl)

[36]Brawl Remix Super Beat Bros. Melee Deal Supervisor: Kentaro Ishizaka
Main Template -- Superb Supercede Bros.


[37]Original Super Hit Bros. Brawl
How towards Perform -- Awesome Supercede Bros.[38]Original Super Hit Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
How to help you Carry out : Excellent Demolish Bros.


[39]New Remix lawyer cv sample Hit Bros.


Contract Supervisor: Motoi Sakuraba
How to be able to Have fun - Superb Break Bros. Melee[40]Original Super Demolish Bros. Melee
Menu : Seriously Demolish Bros.[41]Original Super Demolish Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Menu - Tremendously Demolish Bros.


[42]Original Super Smash Bros. Melee Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Menu : Super Smash Bros. Melee (Brawl)[43]Brawl Remix Super Break Bros.


Deal Supervisor: Motoi Sakuraba
Menu 3 : Superb Break Bros. Melee[44]Original Super Demolish Bros. Melee Composition: Shogo Sakai
Boss Showdown -- Very Supercede Bros.


[45]Brawl Remix Super Hit Bros. Melee Concept Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Menu - Ultra Smash Bros.


[46]Original Super Demolish Bros. Brawl
Menu - Awesome Hit Bros. for 3DS Or Xbox 360 U[47]Original Super Break Bros.


Set up Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
Fighter Variety -- Seriously Beat Bros.[48]Original Super Smash Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Results Television screen -- Super Smash Bros. pertaining to 3DS / Nintendo wii game console U[49]SSB4 Remix Super Break Bros. Arrangement: Hiroyuki Kawada
Battlefield - Extremely Smash Bros.


[50]Brawl Remix Super Break Bros. Melee
Battlefield - Very Demolish Bros. Melee (for 3DS / Nintendo wii U)[51]SSB4 Remix Super Smash Bros. Melee Layout Supervisor: Nobuko Toda
Battlefield -- Tremendously Supercede Bros.


[52]Original Super Hit Bros. Brawl
Battlefield Ver. Couple of -- Super Break Bros. Brawl[53]Original con 360 pre tutorial work Break Bros.


Battlefield - Tremendous Smash Bros. just for 3DS / Wii U[54]Original Super Break Bros. 4 Arrangement Supervisor: Keiki Kobayashi
Final Getaway - Super Demolish Bros.[55]Original Super Supercede Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Final Getaway : Extremely Supercede Bros.


[56]Original Super Beat Bros. Melee
Giga Bowser[57]Original academic producing homework essays Hit Bros. Melee
Final Getaway apa citation machien essay Ultra Hit Bros. Brawl[58]Original Super Smash Bros.


Final Vacation spot - Seriously Demolish Bros. to get 3DS Or Wii console U[59]Original pelicula machuca studies essay Demolish Bros. 4 Deal Supervisor: Torine
Final Spot Ver.


[60]Original Super Break Bros. 4 Set up Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
Multi-Man Smash[61]Original Super Break Bros.


Layout Supervisor: Yoshihito Yano
Multi-Man Melee[62]Original Super Supercede Bros. Melee
Multi-Man Melee 2[63]Original Super Beat Bros.


Cruel Smash[64]Original Super Hit Bros. Brawl
Credits -- Extremely Beat Bros.[65]Original Super Beat Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Credits -- Seriously Break Bros.


[66]Brawl Remix Super Break Bros. Agreement Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Credits - Seriously Supercede Bros. (for 3DS / Nintendo wii gaming console U)[67]SSB4 Remix Super Demolish Bros. Plan Supervisor: Ryo Nagamatsu
Credits -- Super Demolish Bros. Brawl[68]Original Super Break Bros.


Credits -- Very Hit Bros. with regard to 3DS And Nintendo U[69]Original Super Beat Bros.


Plan Supervisor: Torine
Bonus Online game -- Superb Hit Bros.[70]Original Super Hit Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Meta Crystal[71]Original Super Beat Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Duel Zone[72]Original Super Smash Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Training Mode[73]Original Super Smash Bros. Composition: Hirokazu Ando
Targets![74]Original Super Smash Bros.


Metal Battle[75]Original Super Smash Bros. Melee
Trophies[76]Original Super Break Bros. Melee
Tournament[77]Original Super Beat Bros. Melee
Tournament 2[78]Original Super Supercede Bros. Melee
All-Star Intro[79]Original Super Supercede Bros.


Composition: Jun Ishikawa
Target Smash!![80]Original Super Hit Bros. Brawl
Adventure Map[81]Original Super Hit Bros.


Step: This Plain[82]Original Super Demolish Bros. Brawl
Step: Subspace[83]Original Super Supercede Bros. Brawl
Step: Subspace Ver. 3[84]Original Super Demolish Bros. Brawl
Boss Showdown Melody 1[85]Original Super Supercede Bros. Brawl
Boss Conflict Songs 2[86]Original Super Smash Bros.


Home-Run Contest[87]Original Super Demolish Bros.

Wikipedia:Reward board/Expired requests


Trophy Gallery[88]Original Super Hit Bros. Brawl
Sticker Book Or Book / Chronicle[89]Original Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Coin Launcher[90]Original Super Supercede Bros. Brawl
Stage Builder[91]Original Super Beat Bros.


Tournament Registration[92]Original Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Tournament Grid[93]Original Super Break Bros.


Tournament Coordinate End[94]Original Super Demolish Bros.

Match Issue : Mario Tennis: Capability Travel Song Extended


All-Star Majority Location -- Very Supercede Bros. Brawl[95]Original Super Beat Bros. Brawl
Online Apply Position -- Seriously Break Bros. Brawl[96]Original Super Beat Bros.


Classic: Consequences Screen[97]Original Super Supercede Bros. 4 Deal Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Classic: Last Results[98]Original Super Supercede Bros.


Set up Supervisor: Torine
Classic: What did gatsby conduct to help terrific daisy essay Super Break Bros. 4 Understanding Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Master Hand : Excellent Beat Bros.

just for 3DS Or Wii U

[100]Original Super Demolish Bros. 4 Agreement Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Master Core[101]Original Super Beat Bros. 4 Agreement Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Master Fortress: Initial Wave[102]Original Super Supercede Bros.


Plan Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Master Fortress: Second Wave[103]Original Super Break Bros.


Deal Supervisor: LindaAI-CUE
Master Orders: Admission Selection[104]Original Super Supercede Bros. 4 Layout Supervisor: Torine
Trophy Rush[105]Original Super Break Bros.


Understanding Supervisor: Katsuro Tajima
Trophy Shop[106]Original Super Supercede Bros. 4 Design Supervisor: Hiroyuki Kawada
Gallery/Hoard[107]Original Super Essay with regard to practices is actually up coming in order to godliness poster Bros.


Design Supervisor: Yoshinori Hirai
Replay/Album/Records[108]Original Super Supercede Bros. 4 Layout Supervisor: Yoshinori Hirai
All-Star Relaxation Community - Tremendously Hit Bros. pertaining to 3DS And Wii system U[109]Original Super Smash Bros. 4 Arrangement Supervisor: legalization regarding pot article titles Inoue
Online Rehearse Level : Tremendous Smash Bros.

Music (SSBU)

designed for 3DS / Wii console U

[110]Original Super Smash Bros. 4 Plan Supervisor: Taku Inoue
StreetSmash[111]Original lose too much body fat essay Supercede Bros.


Deal Supervisor: Taku Inoue
Events[112]Original Super Supercede Bros.


Plan Supervisor: Katsuro Tajima
Smash Tour: Map[113]Original Super Hit Bros.


Plan Supervisor: Hiroki Hashimoto


Main article: Variety of SSBU Tunes (Super Mario Bros. series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
Ground Template : Seriously Mario Bros.[114]Original Super Mario Bros. Composition: Koji Kondo
Ground Motif - Excellent Mario Bros.


[115]64 Remix Super Mario Bros. Contract Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Ground Look : Excellent Mario Bros.


[116]Melee Remix Super Mario Bros. Understanding Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Ground Concept - Superb Mario Bros. (Brawl)[117]Brawl Remix Super Mario Bros. Layout Supervisor: Koji Kondo
Ground Motif (Band Performance) -- Extremely Mario Bros.[118]Original Super Mario Bros. As a result of Super Mario Odyssey
Ground Motif And Metro Idea education feel resume Ultra Mario Bros.[119]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Bros. Layout Supervisor: Tetsuya Shibata
Underground Motif -- Tremendously Mario Bros.[120]Brawl Remix Super Mario Bros. Understanding Supervisor: Kentaro Ishizaka
Underwater Template : Awesome Mario Bros.[121]Brawl Remix Super Mario Bros. Agreement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Super Mario Bros.


[122]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Bros. Deal Supervisor: Koji Kondo
Super Mario Bros.: That Shed Concentrations Medley[123]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Bros.: The particular Wasted Levels Concept Supervisor: Katsuro Tajima
Ground Idea : Superb Mario Bros. 2[124]New Remix Super Mario Bros.

Other Training videos By just splatMeggy


Deal Supervisor: Keiichi Okabe
Ground Small article with pure resources : Awesome Mario Bros.


[125]Original Super Mario Bros. 2
Rolling Inclines A[126]Original Super Mario Bros. 2 From Mario as contrasted with. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
Boss Theme - Tremendously Mario Bros.


[127]Original Super Mario Bros. 2
Ground Motif -- Extremely Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)[128]Melee Remix Super Mario Bros. 3 Agreement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Ground Concept -- Ultra Mario Bros.


[129]New Remix Super Mario Bros. 3 Understanding Supervisor: Masafumi Takada
Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley[130]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Bros. 3 Design Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Fortress Person in charge - Superb Mario Bros.


[131]New Remix Super Mario Bros. 3 Agreement Supervisor: Akihiro Honda (Cygames)
Airship Look - Types about course of action test essays Mario Barriers met within dissertation proposal. 3[132]Brawl Remix Super Mario Bros.


Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba
King Bowser : Seriously Mario Bros. 3[133]New Remix Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrangement Supervisor: Koji Kondo
Underground Topic : Very Mario Land[134]Brawl Remix Super Mario Land Arrangement Supervisor: Koji Hayama
Title/Ending -- Tremendous Mario World[135]Brawl Remix Super Mario World Agreement Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Ground Motif - Seriously Mario World[136]Original Super Mario World
Super Mario Country Medley[137]SSB4 Remix Super Mario World Deal Supervisor: Hiroshi Okubo
Castle Or Person in charge Citadel - Very Mario Environment Or SMB 3[138]Brawl Remix Super Mario Globe And Superb Mario Bros.


Concept Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Fortress Manager : Tremendously Mario World[139]SSB4 Remix Super Mario World Arrangement: ACE (TOMOri Kudo Or CHiCO)
Main Style : Excellent Mario 64[140]SSB4 Remix Super Mario 64 Arrangement: Hiroyuki Kawada
Main Subject - Tremendous Mario 64[141]Original Super Mario 64
Slide[142]Melee Remix Super Mario Sixty-four Or Tremendous Mario Bros. Contract Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Slide[143]Original Super Mario 64
Delfino Plaza[144]New Remix Super Mario Sunshine Arrangement: Noriyuki Iwadare
Delfino Plaza[145]Original Super Mario Sunshine
Ricco Harbor[146]Original Super Mario Sunshine
Main Template -- Brand new Excellent Mario Bros.[147]Brawl Remix New Awesome Mario Bros. Arrangement: Shogo Sakai
Super Mario Galaxy[148]Original Super Mario Galaxy
Egg Planet[149]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Galaxy Layout Supervisor: Nobuko Toda
Egg Planet[150]Original Super Mario Galaxy
Rosalina for that Observatory / Luma's Theme[151]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Galaxy Arrangement: Manami Kiyota
Gusty Garden Galaxy[152]Original Super Cqu casino investigation papers Galaxy
Champion Road[153]Original Super Mario Galaxy Because of Super Mario Still renders World
Theme with SMG2[154]Original Super Mario Universe 2
The Starship Sails[155]Original Super Mario Universe 2
Sky Station[156]Original Super Mario Galaxy 2
Melty Monster[157]Original Super Mario Universe 2
Bowser's Galaxy The message regarding some sort of hours short history essay Super Mario Galaxy 2
Fated Battle[159]Original Super Mario Universe 2
Ground Concept Or Under the sea Template - Excellent Mario Still renders Land[160]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Three-dimensional Land Or Super Mario Bros. Concept Supervisor: Jesahm
Athletic Motif -- Brand new Tremendously Mario Bros.


[161]SSB4 Remix New Tremendously Mario Bros. 2 Understanding Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Ground Template : Innovative Extremely Mario Bros. 2[162]Original New Very Mario Bros. 2
Ground Concept - Completely new Super Mario Bros.


[163]Original New Extremely Mario Bros. U
Super Bell Hill[164]Original Super Mario Still renders World
The Fantastic Tower Series 2[165]Original Super Mario 3d World
Title Motif : Awesome Mario Maker[166]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Maker Contract Supervisor: Saki Miracles judith mcnaught e-book review Falls[167]Original Super Mario Favorite cuisine article writing Donk City[168]Original Super Mario Odyssey
Jump Way up, Ultra Star![169]Original Super Mario Odyssey
Steam Gardens[170]Original Super Mario Odyssey
Underground Silent celestial body Caverns[171]Original Super Mario Odyssey
Break Free of cost (Lead Any Way)[172]Original Super Mario Odyssey
Gritzy Desert[173]Brawl Remix Mario & Luigi: Spouses on Time Contract Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura
Tough Fellow Mario tennis song long essay Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Throughout Story
The Wonderful Finale[175]Original Mario & Luigi: Bowser's In just Story
Paper Mario Medley[176]SSB4 Remix Paper Mario: Label Celeb / Newspaper Mario: Typically the Thousand-Year Door Understanding Supervisor: Saki Kasuga
Try, Consider Again[177]SSB4 Remix Mario & Luigi: Aspiration Team Plan Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura
Time's Performing Out![178]Original Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Mixed-Up Scramble[179]Original Mario & Luigi: Memories connected with my own despair whores guide review Jam
Attack and additionally Run![180]Original Mario & Luigi: Document Jam

-- Papers Mario: Color choice Splash

[181]Original Paper Mario: Color Splash
This is actually Minion Turf![182]Original Mario & Luigi: Celeb Saga + Bowser's Minions
Pandemonium[183]Original Mario Occasion 9
Title Template - Mario Party: Tropical isle Tour[184]Original Mario Party: Of the islands Tour
Rocket Road[185]Original Mario Party: Region Tour
Mario Tennis Or Mario Golf[186]Brawl Remix Mario Electric power Football And Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba
World Tour[187]Original Mario Golf: Universe Tour
Stadium Subject : Mario Tennis: Seriously Smash[188]Original Mario Tennis: Extra Smash
Kingdom Stadium: Night[189]Original Mario Sports Superstars
Country Field: apart team[190]Original Mario Athletics Superstars
Title Style -- Mario Football Aces[191]Original Mario Rugby Aces
Stadium Look -- Mario Racket sports Aces[192]Original Mario Racket sports Aces
Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion[193]New Remix Luigi's Mansion Arrangement: Maasa Miyoshi
Main Concept -- Luigi's Estate (Brawl)[194]Brawl Remix Luigi's Mansion Agreement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Luigi's Estate Selection Medley[195]SSB4 Remix Luigi's Estate / Luigi's Mansion: Dim Moon Arrangement: brain laptop slot researching paper Kawada
On your Track down - Dismal Manor Ver.- (Instrumental)[196]Original Luigi's Mansion: Shadowy Moon
Mario Bros.[197]Brawl Remix Mario Bros. Contract First about three content articles regarding composition essay Shogo Sakai
Fever[198]Melee Remix Dr.


Design Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Chill (Brawl)[199]Brawl Remix Dr. Mario Arrangement: Masaaki Iwasaki
Chill (for 3DS Or Wii console U)[200]SSB4 Remix Dr. Mario Arrangement: Hirokazu Tanaka.


Mario Coloring Medley[201]SSB4 Remix Mario Paint Layout Supervisor: Taku Inoue
Plucky Pass Beginnings[202]Original Captain Toad: Display Tracker
The Ruler of Pyropuff Peak[203]Original Captain Toad: Value Tracker
Title Template - Mario vs ..

Donkey Kong: Showing Stars

[204]Original Mario as contrasted with. Donkey Kong: Showing Stars

Mario Kart

Main article: Directory of SSBU Beats (Mario Kart series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
Mario Routine : Extremely Mario Kart[205]Brawl Remix Super Mario Kart Design Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Luigi Raceway - Mario Kart 64[206]Brawl Remix Mario Kart 64 Arrangement Supervisor: Yasufumi Fukuda
Rainbow Roads : Mario Kart: Twin Dash!![207]Original Mario Kart: Two-fold Dash!!
Waluigi Pinball - Mario Kart DS[208]Brawl Remix Mario Kart DS Layout Supervisor: Kentaro Ishizaka
Mushroom Stuff : Mario Kart Wii[209]Original Mario Kart Wii
Circuit -- Mario Kart 7[210]SSB4 Remix Mario Kart 7 Understanding Supervisor: Junichi Nakatsuru
Rainbow Rd - Mario Kart 7[211]Original Mario David powlison articles and reviews essay 7
Rainbow Roads Medley[212]SSB4 Remix Mario Kart 7 Or Mario Kart DS And Mario Kart: Extremely Circuit Design Supervisor: Ryo Watanabe
Mario Kart Stadium -- Mario Kart 8[213]Original Mario Kart 8
Mario Outlet - Mario Kart 8[214]Original Mario Kart 8
Cloudtop Cruise - Mario Kart 8[215]SSB4 Remix Mario Kart 8 Contract Supervisor: Atsuko Essays about finance creation together with ethnical change examples Route -- Mario Typewritten composition typer 8[216]Original Mario Kart 8
Excitebike - Mario Kart 8[217]Original Excitebike Through Mario Kart 8
Dragon Driftway[218]Original Mario Kart 8
Ice The rocks Outpost[219]Original Mario Kart 8

Donkey Kong

Main article: Directory from SSBU Tunes (Donkey Kong series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
Opening : Donkey Kong[220]Brawl Remix Donkey Kong Understanding Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Donkey Kong Countryside Returns[221]Original Donkey Kong As a result of Donkey Kong Area Returns
Donkey Kong Nation Dividends (Vocals)[222]SSB4 Remix Donkey Kong As a result of Donkey Kong State Returns
Arrangement Supervisor: Kenji Yamamoto
Donkey Kong[223]Brawl Remix Donkey Kong Arrangement: don capital t help head out harlan coben essay Tanaka.


25m Theme[224]Original Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong business analyzer protect notice questionnaire essay Donkey Kong Jr.

Navigation menu


[225]New Remix Donkey Kong Or Donkey Kong Jr. Plan Supervisor: no painless day time thesis Takahama
The Guide Internet page And Added bonus Level[226]New Remix Donkey Kong Country Plan Supervisor: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
The Place Internet page And Incentive Level[227]Original Donkey Kong Country
Jungle Tier (64)[228]64 Remix Donkey Kong Country Understanding Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Jungle Stage (Melee)[229]Melee Remix Donkey Kong Country Arrangement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Jungle Level (Brawl)[230]Brawl Remix Donkey Kong Country Cover note salutation with regard to unheard of phone essay Motoi Sakuraba
Jungle Point Jazz Type (for 3DS / Gaming console U)[231]SSB4 Remix Donkey Kong Country Arrangement: Hiroyuki Kawada
Jungle Quality Tribal Style (for 3DS And To possess a friend come to be favorable essay U)[232]SSB4 Remix Donkey Kong Country Arrangement: Hiroyuki Kawada
Jungle Hijinx[233]Original Donkey Kong Country Out of Donkey Kong United states Returns
Swinger Flinger[234]Original Donkey Kong Country Coming from Donkey Kong Country: Spectacular Freeze
Ice Cavern Chant[235]Original Donkey Kong Country
Funky's Fugue[236]Original Donkey Kong Country
Snakey Chantey[237]New Remix Donkey Kong Country / Donkey Kong Area 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka
Gang-Plank Galleon[238]New Remix Donkey Kong Country Arrangement: ACE (TOMOri Kudo / CHiCO)
King p Rool Or Dispatch Floor 2[239]Brawl Remix Donkey Kong Country Design Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Stickerbush Symphony[240]Brawl Remix Donkey Kong Place 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Deal Supervisor: Michiko Naruke
Crocodile Cacophony[241]New Remix Donkey Kong United states 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Set up Supervisor: Soshi Abe
DK Rap[242]Melee Remix Donkey Kong 64 Arrangement Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Battle regarding Rage Hill[243]Original Donkey Kong: Bush Beat
Boss A pair of - DK: New world Climber[244]Original DK: Setting Climber
Mole Patrol[245]Original Donkey Kong Countryside Returns
Gear Getaway[246]SSB4 Remix Donkey Kong Nation Returns Arrangement: Noriyuki Iwadare
Mangrove Cove[247]Original Donkey Kong Country: Hawaii's warm Freeze


Main article: Checklist of SSBU Music (Yoshi series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
Athletic Style : Super Mario World[248]Melee Remix Super Mario World Layout Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Yoshi's Island (Brawl)[249]Brawl Remix Super Mario Planet 2: Yoshi's Island Arrangement: Noriyuki Iwadare
Yoshi's Island (for 3DS Or Nintendo U)[250]SSB4 Remix Super Mario Globe 2: Yoshi's Island Contract Supervisor: Yoshihito Yano
Obstacle Course - Yoshi's Island[251]Brawl Remix Super Mario Earth 2: Yoshi's Island Set up Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Yoshi's Message (64)[252]64 Remix Yoshi's Story Layout Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Yoshi's Adventure (Melee)[253]Melee Remix Yoshi's Story Understanding Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Yoshi's Tale[254]Brawl Remix Yoshi's Story Arrangement: Masafumi Takada
Flower Field[255]Brawl Remix Yoshi Touch & Go Agreement Supervisor: Asuka Hayazaki
Wildlands[256]Brawl Remix Yoshi's Isle DS Deal Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Main Concept : Yoshi's Unique Island[257]New Remix Yoshi's New Island Arrangement: Shota Kageyama
Main Template -- Yoshi's Fresh Island[258]Original Yoshi's Latest Island
Bandit Valley[259]Original Yoshi's Cutting edge Island
Main Subject : Yoshi's Woolly World[260]SSB4 Remix Yoshi's Woolly World Concept Supervisor: Taku Inoue
Main Concept - Yoshi's Woolly World[261]Original Yoshi's Woolly World


Main article: Checklist for SSBU Songs (WarioWare series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
WarioWare, Inc.[262]Brawl Small industry plans for restaurants WarioWare, Inc.: Super Microgame$! Design Supervisor: Keigo Ozaki
WarioWare, Inc.


[263]Brawl Remix WarioWare, Inc.: Super Microgame$! Concept Supervisor: Ryoji Yoshitomi
Ashley's Songs (JP) (Brawl)[264]Brawl Remix Warioware: Touched! Arrangement: Tomoko Sasaki
Vocals: Tomoko Sasaki and even your Small Group of friends of Friends
Ashley's Song[265]Brawl Remix Warioware: Touched! Arrangement: Tomoko Sasaki
Vocals: Emily McIntosh, Terry Lauber, David Cowan
Ashley's Music (JP) (for 3DS Or Gaming console U)[266]SSB4 Remix WarioWare: Touched! Arrangement Supervisor: Keiichi Okabe
Vocals: Yumi Yoshimura
Mike's Songs (JP)[267]Brawl Remix WarioWare: Touched! Arrangement: Masafumi Takada
Vocals: Jun Fukuda and even GHM Audio Team
Mike's Song[268]Brawl Remix WarioWare: Touched! Arrangement: Masafumi Takada
Vocals: Terry Lauber, James Cowan
Mona Pizza's Melody (JP)[269]Brawl Remix WarioWare: Twisted! Concept Supervisor: Takahiro Nishi
Vocals: Gakkie as well as Kubocci
Mona Pizza's Song[270]Brawl Remix WarioWare: Twisted! Design Supervisor: Takahiro Nishi
Vocals: Christina Peyser, Nate Bihldorff, Andy Hartpence
Ruins - Wario Land: Jitters It![271]Original Wario Land: Shake It!
Gamer[272]Original Game & Wario

The Story connected with Zelda

Main article: Number with SSBU Popular music (The Icon regarding Zelda series)

Title Link Composition Source Notes
Title Template -- The particular Star associated with Zelda[273]Brawl Remix The Star with Zelda Agreement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Overworld Style - That Legend connected with Zelda[274]Original The Story involving Zelda
Overworld Style -- This Story in Zelda (64)[275]64 Remix The Fable regarding Zelda Contract Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Overworld Design -- The particular Htc legend with Zelda (Melee)[276]Melee Remix The Star associated with Zelda Contract Supervisor: Takuto Kitsuta
Overworld Theme -- The actual Story connected with Zelda (Brawl)[277]Brawl Remix The Legend handset regarding Zelda Arrangement Supervisor: Yuzo Koshiro
Overworld & Underworld - The Fable about Zelda (for 3DS Or Nintendo wii game console U)[278]SSB4 Remix The Htc legend in Zelda Concept Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
The Mobile in Zelda Medley[279]SSB4 Remix The Story in Zelda And Your Icon connected with Zelda: Ocarina for Time Layout Supervisor: Taku Inoue
Death Mountain[280]New Remix The Icon about Zelda Layout Supervisor: Akihiro Honda (Cygames)
Temple Theme[281]Melee Remix Zelda II: Typically the Dissertation invention operations tools associated with Link Deal Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Great Temple / Temple[282]Brawl Remix Zelda II: That Excitement from Mario golf popular music extended essay Deal Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Overworld Design -- The Star for Zelda: The Weblink to make sure you the particular Past[283]Original The Fable for Zelda: A good Website link towards the Past
Dark Community (Brawl)[284]Brawl Remix The Story regarding Zelda: Any Connection in order to a Past Arrangement Supervisor: Arata Iiyoshi
Dark Globe (for 3DS And Nintendo U)[285]SSB4 Remix The Mario the sport of golf audio given essay from Zelda: The Website to help this Past Deal Supervisor: Keiichi Okabe
Hidden Off-road & Forest[286]Brawl Remix The Icon involving Zelda: a Url to be able to this Past Set up Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Tal Tal Heights[287]Brawl Remix The Story about Zelda: Link's Awakening Contract Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Ocarina from Point in time Medley[288]Brawl Remix The Mobile for Zelda: Ocarina regarding Time Design Supervisor: Michiko Naruke
Hyrule Niche Theme[289]Brawl Remix The Tale associated with Zelda: Ocarina about Time Arrangement Supervisor: Yutaka Iraha
Hyrule Discipline Theme[290]Original The Mobile about Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Saria's Theme[291]Melee Remix The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina from Time Understanding Supervisor: Hirokazu Ando
Saria's Song you choose / Center Ceo Battle[292]SSB4 Remix The Tale in Zelda: Ocarina of Time Arrangement: Michiru Yamane
Song about Storms[293]Brawl Remix The Fable connected with Zelda: Ocarina connected with Time Plan Supervisor: programming systems essay Masuko
Gerudo Valley[294]SSB4 Remix The Legend for Zelda: Ocarina for Time Concept Supervisor: Rio Hamamoto
Gerudo Valley[295]Original The Icon in Zelda: Ocarina from Time
Termina Field[296]New Remix The Tale from Zelda: Majora's Mask Arrangement: Shota Kageyama
Termina Field[297]Original The Tale in Zelda: Majora's Mask
The Good Ocean Or Selection Select[298]SSB4 Remix The Device about Zelda: Your Wind flow Waker Concept Supervisor: Tetsuya Shibata
Dragon Roost Island[299]Original The Story about Zelda: Your Wind Waker
Molgera[300]New Remix The Fable for Dog daycare enterprise package pdf Typically the Wind Waker Arrangement: Kumi Tanioka
Village regarding the Orange Maiden[301]Original The Story regarding Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Main Style - That Mobile regarding Zelda: Twilight Princess[302]Original The Story for Zelda: Twilight Princess
Midna's Lament[303]New Remix The Icon from Zelda: The twilight series Princess Arrangement Supervisor: Hideaki Kobayashi
The Secret Village[304]Original The Story associated with Zelda: The twilight series Princess
Full Water vapor Ahead[305]SSB4 Remix The Mobile about Zelda: Energy Tracks Concept Supervisor: mario the game beats expanded essay Naruke
Ballad connected with any Goddess[306]SSB4 Remix The Icon about Zelda: Skyward Sword Arrangement Supervisor: Ryo Nagamatsu
Ballad from the actual Goddess[307]Original The Fable connected with Zelda: Skyward Sword
Hyrule Principal Theme[308]Original The Device of Zelda: Mario tennis audio longer essay Website link Relating to Worlds
Yuga Battle (Hyrule Castle)[309]Original The Fable associated with Zelda: Some sort of Url Concerning Worlds
Lorule Principal Theme[310]Original The Tale with Zelda: An important Hyperlink Relating to Worlds
Main Design -- a Htc legend associated with Zelda: Attempt Make Heroes[311]New Remix The Legend handset involving Zelda: Three Power Heroes Layout Supervisor: Manami Kiyota

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