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The Formula of Potassium Chlorate


The aims of this clinical are: a) To experimentally determine the mass percent of oxygen in the substance potassium chlorate (KClO3) with the thermal decomposition of a test of potassium chlorate. b) To qualitatively demonstrate which the residue resulting from the decomposition of potassium chlorate is definitely potassium chloride.


Every compounds contain elements chemically combined in fixed amounts – they obey legislation of Continuous Composition. A good way to express the proportion every of element in a mixture is as a percentage by mass, or mass percent. Simply A of the lab, an example of potassium chlorate will be experimentally reviewed in order to identify the mass percent of elemental o2 present in this. To do this, the potassium chlorate must be warmed to conditions greater 4 hundred °C, causing it to thermally break down into potassium chloride and free oxygen: heat

two KClO3 (s)

Potassium Chlorate


2 KCl (s)

Potassium Chloride


three or more O2 (g)


Pupils will perform a quantitative evaluation of the reactants and goods of this response, measuring the initial mass of solid potassium chlorate used (before heating), and the mass of the sturdy potassium chloride product, or perhaps residue, staying after heating system. Applying the Law of Mass Conservation, the difference in these scored masses is the mass of oxygen produced (from the first potassium chlorate sample). Using this data, the experimental mass percent of oxygen in potassium chlorate will be determined: Mass of Oxygen Unveiled x 90 Mass of Potassium Chlorate Used

Mass Percent of Oxygen (experimental) =

Mass percentages of elements in compounds may also be theoretically determined using molar masses, together with the known chemical formula of the compound. Hence, the theoretical mass percent of air in potassium chlorate can be calculated using the expression: a few (Molar Mass of O) Molar Mass of KClO3

Mass Percent of Air (theoretical)


x 100

Students can easily therefore evaluate their accuracy in this experiment by assessing their experimental results to the true theoretical worth, and by establishing their percent error. Site 1 of 4

Simply B with this lab, the residue remaining after heating system will be qualitatively analyzed in order to demonstrate that it is chemically unlike the initial potassium chlorate test. Specifically, the residue will probably be tested pertaining to the presence of chloride ions by addition of nitric chemical p and aqueous silver nitrate. A positive test is mentioned by the creation of a white-colored precipitate. Using the identity of the residue will then be conclusively tested by evaluating this cause those received for the same tests about known types of potassium chlorate and potassium chloride.


Safety Become especially mindful when using the Bunsen burner and handling hot equipment. Keep in mind that most items look the exact same whether they will be hot or perhaps cold. Heat the potassium chlorate test slowly to prevent any splattering. Be aware that silver precious metal nitrate might stain skin and nitric acid may burn the skin. If a drip of either chemical takes place, rinse below running water and report the accident to your instructor. Nitric acid splatters may also be neutralized using the sodium bicarbonate remedy by the basins. Materials and Equipment Solid potassium chlorate (KClO3), stable potassium chloride (KCl), 6M nitric acid (HNO3), zero. 1M sterling silver nitrate (AgNO3), two crucibles with covers, stand and ring grip, clay triangle, crucible tongs, Bunsen burner, three medium-sized test pipes, test tube rack, mixing rod, and an electronic harmony. Part A: Mass Percent of O2 in Potassium Chlorate The next steps needs to be carried out for two separate samples of potassium chlorate. 1 . Clean both crucibles and their lids (obtained from your stockroom) by simply thoroughly rinsing with unadulterated water then simply drying since completely as it can be with a paper towel. 2 . Weigh the...


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