Trim Production

 Lean Creation Essay

Lean Creation System- JIT

Prepared by: Harikrishnan Haripal

Rotate No: EMBA 13034

Particular date: Oct-7-2014


1 . Lean production------------------------------------------------------------------ three or more

2 . JIT(just-in-time) ------------------------------------------------------------------ several

3. Record & progress JIT program ---------------------------------------- four

4. Concept of JIT --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5

a few. Characteristics/features of JIT------------------------------------------------- six

6. Benefits associated with JIT---------------------------------------------------------------------- 15

7. Types of Waste in JIT ------------------------------------------------------------- 12

8. JIT in Products on hand -------------------------------------------------------------------- doze

9. JIT in Purchasing--------------------------------------------------------------------- 13

twelve. JIT in Toyota Development system- Example - -------------------------------- 15

eleven. Bibliography --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18


Lean production offers its origins in Toyota Automobiles Company. of The japanese, where spend was to be ignored at all costs: 1 . The waste in time caused by having to restoration faulty items.

2 . The waste of investment in keeping large inventories and

3. The waste of getting ideal personnel.

The elements of lean creation are:

1 ) To consider the organization regarding supply cycle of value streams that extends from suppliers of recycleables, through transformation to the last customer.

installment payments on your To organize personnel in terms also to have everybody in the organization conscious of their work.

three or more. To produce goods of excellent quality and to have constant quality advancements as a aim.

4. To organize the operation by merchandise or mobile manufacturing, rather than using a useful or procedure lay-out.

a few. To operate the facility within a just-in period mode.

Just-in-time is a key factor of trim production, (conceived by Taiichi Ohno, the former president of Toyota Engine Co. of Japan in the 1980's). The Japanese manufacturing achievement, with increased production, low product cost and often superior quality products can very much end up being attributed to JIT manufacturing. The supreme goal should be to provide ideal value to the customer through best value creation process which includes ZERO waste. Lean production has their key element that is certainly -JIT (Just –In-Time) JIT (JUST IN TIME)

JIT is described as " a philosophy of producing based on designed elimination coming from all waste and continuous advancements of efficiency. It involves the effective execution of manufacturing activities required to develop a final merchandise, from style engineering to delivery and including every stages of conversation by raw materials forward. The primary elements of JIT in order to have the particular required products on hand when needed, to further improve quality to zero defects, to reduce business lead times by simply reducing set up times, queue lengths and lot sizes, to incrementally revise the operations themselves and to complete these things by minimum expense. In the wide-ranging sense, that applies to every forms of production, job-shop, process as well as repetitive”.

" JIT is usually an approach that seeks to reduce all options for waste in production actions by providing the ideal part in the right place on the right time. ” It is noted by distinct names:

-- The Toyota system.

- No Inventory.

- Kan–Ban system.

JIT means:

1 . Producing the number of units that is needed, no longer. No less.

2 . Producing term on the day and at time required, not really before an not following.

3. That a supplier provides the exact top quality demanded, in the scheduled time and date.

Any deviations from these types of requirements implies that either...


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