Term Conventional paper on "E-Commerce in Bangladesh: Status, Potential & Growth”

 Term Paper on E-Commerce in Bangladesh: Status, Potential  Growth

Term Conventional paper on " E-commerce in Bangladesh: Position, Potential & Growth”

A Paper on " Web commerce in Bangladesh: Status, Potential & Growth”

Course Title: Marketing Management Course Code: MKT-202 Submitted to: Submitted by: Doctor Mohammad Baktiar Rana, Study course Instructor (MKT-202)

Nusrat Khondaker(785) Nafiz Imtiaz Noor (816) Md. Badrul Alam (818) Sabiha Sultana (1257) Jannatul Ferdous Naima (2292)

Day of Distribution: 26th 12 ,, 2012


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December twenty six, 2012 Doctor Mohammad Baktiar Rana Program instructor Marketing Management (MKT-202) Institute of Business Operations Jahangirnagar University or college

Subject: Submission of the newspaper

Sir, It really is our delight to submit the report upon " Ecommerce in Bangladesh: Status, Potential & Growth” that you asked us to get ready as part of the Promoting Management Program (MKT202) need.

The general aim of the survey is to explain the present situation of Ecommerce in Bangladesh. Through extensive research & primary info collection by direct resources, we have tried to present the specific situation of the Web commerce industry in our country.

We are pleased to be granted this kind of vital chance and grateful for your versatile assistance. Really is endless that our job will please you. We want to have the advantage to give answers to your concerns, if virtually any.

Sincerely your own,

Nafiz Imtiaz Noor (816) On Behalf of the Group 20th Batch


First of all, we wish to give thanks to the immutable Allah.

All of us express our heartiest honor to our study course instructor Doctor Mohammad Baktiar Rana, Jahangirnagar University to get his useful guidance, academic direction and unconditional support during the preparation of this conventional paper. We have learnt a great deal from charlie.

We would also like to express the sense of gratitude and appreciation to Dr . Shuddhasattwa Rafiq, Overseer, Institute of Business Supervision, Jahangirnagar College or university.

We would also like to give thanks to Mr. Asif Irtiza Hussain, CEO of Jemonkhusi. com & Mister. Sabbir Sakir Emon, Advertising executive of Akhoni. com for their absolute, wholehearted support.

Finally we would give thanks to our classmates for their kind help and assistance in preparing this kind of paper.

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Executive Overview Abstract Introduction Objective from the study Method Concept of Ecommerce Business to Business E-Commerce Business to Consumer Ecommerce Consumer to Business E-Commerce Consumer to Consumer Web commerce Condition of Ecommerce in Bangladesh E-commerce websites in Bangladesh & all their Marketing strategies Clickbd. com Akhoni. com Cellbazaar. com Bikroy. com Bdrooms. com Jemonkhushi. com Easylifebdltd. com vi 7 several 8 almost eight 8 9 9 being unfaithful 9 being unfaithful 10 10 11 12 12 12 13 13 14 16 15 12-15 16 16 17 17 18 19 20

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Executive Overview

Globalization has had in many modifications in our business situation with the complete world moving towards 1 big current market. Communication between your buyers and sellers is now critical as each can easily opt to explore a greater number of alternatives than ever before. Web commerce through Net, e-mails, websites, and other facilities, enables a businessman to become linked with every corner worldwide, and thus leads to greater possibilities in the world market. The Information Technology (IT) revolution has been also phenomenal to predict future growth and its use in a great economy just like Bangladesh's. Bangladesh being an more than populated nation & even now lacking in the IT sector is well behind inside the E-Commerce market. Thought the present industry of E-Commerce is very small in Bangladesh however it holds big potential as number websites is elevating continuously. Folks are getting more interested to buy merchandise & products over the internet right now....

References: Ahn, T., Ryu, U., and Han, We. 2004. " Impact from the online and offline features on the user acceptance of sites shopping malls”, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 3, pp 405 – four twenty. BASIS. 3 years ago. " Bangladesh Association of software and information services”, Basis News and Views, Vol. 3(4). Chaffey, D., Chadwick, F. Electronic., Johnston, E., and Mayer, R.. 06\. Internet Marketing strategy, Implementation and practice, third ed, Pearson Education limited., England, p 452. Chen, Y. H. & Barnes, S. 3 years ago. " Primary Trust and Online Ordering Behaviour”, Industrial Management & Data Program, Vol. 107, No . one particular, pp 21-36. Cheung, C. M. T., Zhu, D. Knong, T. Chan, G. W. Watts. and Limayem, M.. the year 2003. " On-line consumer Behavior: A review and Agenda pertaining to future research”, 16th Savane e-commerce meeting e modification Bled, Slovania, June 9-11, 2003. Ganguly D., Chakraborty S. (2008). " E-commerce-forward and change auction-a managerial tool to achieve success over organization competitiveness”, SNDP-2008 Electronic Commerce Retrieved Dec 20th coming from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic business Types of E-Commerce Recovered December 22nd from www.digitsmith.com/ecommercedefinition.html Clickbd. Com History & Info Retrieved December twenty third from www.facebook.com/ClickBD.page

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