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Bruno Dyck and Rob Kleysen

Abstract: This kind of paper develops and explores a pedagogical innovation for integrating advantage theory into business students' basic knowledge of general supervision. Eighty-seven learners, in 20 groups, categorized three managers' real-time videotaped activities in respect to an elaboration of Aristotle's cardinal benefits, Fayol's management functions, and Mintzberg's bureaucratic roles. The study's empirical evidence shows that, akin to Fayol's functions and Mintzberg's functions, Aristotle's virtues are also amenable to operationalization, reliable remark, and important description of managerial tendencies. The study provides an oft-called-for scientific basis for more work in virtue theory since an appropriate conceptual framework for the study and practice of management. The results reveal that virtue theory may be used to re-conceive each of our fundamental knowledge of management, along with its capacity to weigh ethical judgment after it. Significance and ideas for future study are discussed.

Neither naturally, then, neither contrary to mother nature do the virtues arise in us; rather we are tailored by nature to receive them, and are made perfect by behavior.... we turn into just by doing just serves, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave getting into brave acts.

—Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Sixth is v

irtue theory has produced increasing interest among meaningful philosophers (e. g., Maclntyre, 1981) and business ethicists (e. g., Hartman, 1998; Koehn, 95; Mintz, 1996; Moberg, 1999). While limits of advantage theory had been justly observed (Koehn, 1998), scholars possess effectively attracted on Aristotle's (1999) benefits to help business students develop their moral capacities (Hartman, 1998; Mintz, 1996; Solomon, 1992). However , a significant obstacle remains to help business learners incorporate ethical concerns into a more built-in understanding of the practice of management (Park, 1998) and enhance their ability to recognize moral issues (Gautschi and Smith, 1998). The study tries to address the " ethical integration" problem by checking out a pedagogical strategy targeted at providing business students a moral zoom lens via placing the virtues together with other recognized frameworks of management. In В©2001. Business Ethics Quarterly, Volume L, Issue some. ISSN 1052-150X.

pp. 561-574



particular, students enrolled in an over-all management program were asked to observe managers' actions and classify all of them according to tbree frames: our type of Aristotle's (1999) 4 cardinal virtues; atextbook version of Fayol's (1949) capabilities of management; and each of our operationalization of Mintzberg's (1973) managerial jobs. Most managing textbooks happen to be organized relating to Fayol's four functions (planning, managing, controlling, and leading), with Mintzberg's jobs being the 2nd most-mentioned way (Carroll and Gillen, 1987). We believe, just as Fayol and Mintzberg provide frames that have confirmed helpful in discussing and contemplating management as well as for helping pupils and experts to develop " good" practices of organizing, planning, making resource share decisions, etc, so likewise an Aristotelian approach will help us to and consider management in a manner that permits including " good" ethical behaviors into management practice.

Place differently, because expressed in the familiar saying, " Just one way of seeing is likewise a way of not really seeing, " at the heart of tbis current study is a pedagogy to supply management learners an Aristotelian way of seeing what administration is, to position alongside the greater familiar and entrenched Fayolian and Mintzbergian ways of viewing. Providing learners witb a lens drawn from virtue theory, to use together with their improved lenses of managerial functions and roles, promises to help learners integrate meaningful theory in general management thinking and...

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